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5 years ago on Instagram added the function that was waiting millions of users – the ability to conduct personal correspondence. how use Direct on Instagram, where to look for it and is it possible go there from the computer?

What is Direct and where is it located?

So, Direct Instagram is a feature for sending personal messages. To find it, you need to exit the page in the feed news.

  1. Click on the airplane icon in the upper right the corner. Instagram Direct ButtonInstagram Direct Button
  2. If a message is sent to the user, appears next to the icon figure, and he himself will change color from white to blue. Instagram message has arrivedInstagram message has arrived
  3. This is how Direct looks like when there isn’t one correspondence. Direct Instagram without correspondenceDirect Instagram without correspondence
  4. It takes on this form after the appearance of dialogues. Direct with Instagram postsDirect with Instagram posts
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Why Direct?

In addition to regular text messaging, Yandex.Direct can:

  • Create group chats
  • upload temporary videos and photos that disappear right after viewing;
  • send hashtags, places, links to accounts;
  • send photos and videos;
  • Like messages.

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How to write in Direct

There are three options:

  1. In Yandex.Direct, find a contact using the search or select dialog.
  2. Click on the Direct icon under the post of the person who need to write. Direct under Instagram postDirect under Instagram post
  3. Go to the desired account, click on the icon with three dots and select “Send message”. Go to Direct with an Instagram profileGo to Direct with an Instagram profile

Queries Tab

Only people who are subscribed to can write to Direct user. All other messages are automatically sent to Requests folder. Direct Instagram RequestsDirect Instagram Requests

Notifications about the appearance of messages in the “Requests” do not appear. You need to check them yourself!

Direct on the computer

Some users are interested in the question of whether it is possible to use Instagram Direct from the computer. Yes! There are three possible options:

  1. Download a special version of the application for a computer. The only “but” – it is available only for Windows users Download Instagram in this case through Microsoft Store After installing the application in front of the user The same functions open as in its mobile version.
  2. Go to Instagram through the emulator program BlueStacks In this situation, using the application is also will not differ from the usual mobile version.
  3. Use third-party services. Most popular among them:

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In addition to the opportunity to go to Direct, they allow mass mailing. But there are several significant drawbacks use of such a method. First is the risk of blocking account. Secondly – similar sites work on paid basis.

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