Instagram does not work. What to do?


Instagram does not work

Updated – January 2, 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. networks in the world. therefore From time to time, short-term malfunctions occur.

But it’s important to understand: Instagram does not work due to server problems or because of yours?

Let’s look at the sequence of actions if today’s not Instagram works (2020).

What to do if Instagram does not work

  1. Check your Instagram site for performance.

Follow the link and see the dynamics of crash messages.

If in the last 20 minutes there are few error messages (up to 10), then There are no problems on the Instagram side. They are specifically with you.


If right now users report crashes (from 10) – then most likely a problem on Instagram servers.

Instagram does not work todayInstagram does not work today

Under the button “Also does not work” you can see which ones problems encountered by users.

In most cases, the mobile application does not work Instagram. You can also see the failure map.

If access problems are widespread, then simply wait until everything is stabilized. If users do not have problems, but you still have, then move on.

  1. Restart the application.

Trite, but a simple restart of the application may work. The most important thing is to restart, and not just exit applications and log in. Do not be afraid – do not log in after that necessary.

You can usually do this through the task manager: on modern phones button located at the bottom left opens recently running programs.

Instagram hangs what to doInstagram hangs what to do

Click on it, then tap the cross or swipe right to Instagram app.

Then open the application and check if it works. Not Does Instagram work? Bad, but okay, follow on.

  1. Update the application.

Perhaps the old version of the Instagram application is working unstable or no longer supported at all (need updating Instagram to the latest version).

  • If you have Android – update the application in the Play Market;
  • If you have an iPhone, update the app on the App Store.

Update InstagramUpdate Instagram

In addition, new versions correct old errors and have new functionality.

  1. Reboot the device.

The solution to many problems is rebooting the phone. As shows practice after rebooting application health stabilizes.

Reboot Instagram PhoneReboot Instagram Phone

Press and hold the power button on your device and select “reload”. Still not working? Then proceed to serious measures.

  1. Reinstall the application.

In 99% of cases, a complete reinstallation of the Instagram application fixes all problems.

In the device’s settings, open the “Applications” section, find and delete “Instagram”.

Uninstall Instagram applicationUninstall Instagram application

Then from 3 methods “Update the application”, go to one of links specific to your operating system and install application (or you can clear the cache).

If suddenly none of the methods helped, then you have problems of a different nature.

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Video lesson on what to do if it doesn’t work Instagram.

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