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Instagram is a free application for mobile devices and computer designed for distribution and free sharing photographs.

The features of this service in the application is a huge collection most popular filters that allow you to create effects professional photo editing. Using this service you can create masterpieces and process a not-so-good shot. we briefly introduce you to 17 filters that have their own unique effects.

What are the effects on Instagram?

1. Amaro What it does: weakens the center of the frame at the same time increasing its exposure. Bottom line: the increase in light in the picture, and in some points, adding rigidity to it. Application: the best solution in a situation where the picture is dark. Also him can be used to give the picture the feel of old photographs. 2. Rise What it does: increases exposure, warms the tone in the frame, with a shift in the spectrum to the yellow side. Bottom line: adds to the picture Golden glow, making it softer. Application: effects Instagram of this group can hide skin imperfections, especially if the picture is taken close-up.

edit photo on instagram 3. Hudson What it does: adds in the picture is cold, shifts the shadows, weakens the central part of the frame. Bottom line: Hudson, like many Instagram effects online, plays with light, emphasizes it, however, making the picture more cold. Its use allows you to radically change the color gamma of the picture. Application: a good choice for a street photo. Special pictures of architecture are successfully obtained. 4. X-Pro II What it does: creates the effect of a vintage picture with a golden hue and enhances its contrast. Bottom line: after applying the filter, the picture is obtained more joyful, with bright and rich colors. Application: one of universal effects that fits perfectly with various types of photos. 5. Sierra What it does: reduces contrast, increases exposure, with a slight focus on the center of the frame. Bottom line: getting the effect of shooting on a cloudy day. Application: effects Instagrams of this category are a great choice for processing. still lifes and landscape shots. 6. Lo-Fi What it does: adds warmth in the picture, increasing the saturation of colors. Result: Instagram effects in this case are better to combine. For example, doing preliminary color balancing of the image, thanks to this filter, we can get a saturated, bright picture, with sharp edges and a pronounced shadow. Application: the perfect solution for processing still lifes.

what are the effects for instagram photos 7. Earlybird What it does: adds sepia and warm colors, slightly charring the edges. Bottom line: snapshot obtained in golden reddish tones, causing an association with old movies about cowboys. Application: photo processing unsmiling people, or people with a cigarette or cigar, allows achieve an amazing effect. 8. Sutro What it does: takes a picture more gloomy by adding shadows and darkening the frame. Bottom line: ominous atmosphere in almost any situation. Application: for giving necessary surroundings to the picture, as well as to increase pathos frame. 9. Toaster What it does: focuses on the center of the frame, darkens the edges and shifts the spectrum to purple colors. Bottom line: despite that many Instagram effects online perform similar operations, namely Toaster allows you to achieve maximum realism, with the effect of an old, scorched photo. Application: a great choice for pictures where you need to make a bright accent in the central part of the picture. 10. Branan What it does: adds shade of metal, increases the contrast and exposure of the picture. Total: if you want to create the atmosphere of the 80s in the frame, with soft and natural colors, then this filter is for you. Application: Suitable for photos where unique shadow compositions are captured. 11. Inkwell What it does: takes a picture in black and white Bottom line: photo in b / w Application: almost every photo looks great in this option, especially where there is a play of light and shadow.

effects for instagram photos 12. Walden What it does: increases exposure of the image, adding yellow shades to it. Bottom line: brightens photo, making it more joyful. Application: home shots animals using this effect are very chic. 13. Hefe What it does: slightly darkens the borders of the picture, increases contrast and saturation in the frame. Bottom line: effects Instagram Lo-Fi and Hefe are somewhat similar, though the latter offers lower exposure. Application: Works great with pictures, if necessary, enhance the brightness of colors. 14. Valencia What it does: adds warm colors, enhances exposure. Total: allows you to get a photo with the effect of antiquity, but without its full discoloration. Application: excellent solution for snapshots, on which captured large objects, creates an antique mood. 15. Nashville What it does: reduces contrast, increases exposure, makes the picture warmer. Bottom line: gives the picture is pastel. Application: a great choice for romantic photo. 16. 1977 What it does: increases exposure, with color shift to the red spectrum. Bottom line: gives a photo effect 70s, with soft colors. Application: the optimal solution for pictures with lots of small details. 17. Kelvin What Does: Increases contrast by adding warm tones to it. Total: Instagram effects of this type are best used in photos with bright colors. Application: in the photo with a lot of light, which will create an atmosphere of laziness and warmth in the frame.

effects on instagram

Have a nice shot and edit and add effects to your photographs.

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