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Shearing, styling and hair extensions? For you instructions how to make a successful account for hair stylists (hair masters) on Instagram.

Read all of our free tips first. promotion. Then pay attention to the recommendations in this article.

Mistakes in accounts hairstyles

You can be a great master of your craft, but not Broadcast this through your account. Major mistakes in promotion Instagram:

  • before and after: dry and burnt hair before, shiny with beautiful color after (the photo “before” must be put second in post gallery)
  • low-quality photo process of the work of the masters
  • sophisticated prom / wedding hairstyles
  • no promotion

How to promote an account Instagram hairstyles

Instagram Ads

Three types of advertising:

  • bloggers
  • targeted advertising via Facebook on Instagram and Storis
  • in-app post promotion

No advertising in any way. Barter will work only with small bloggers. And it’s often more effective to target your city, and not look for a blogger from your city, which has in the end, there may not be many subscribers who live nearby with you.

Before you collaborate and buy advertising – check statistics of a blogger for cheating.

Bloggers and advertising exchanges:? labelup? epicstars

Mass promotion also works for promotion. It costs 399 rubles. per month, quite cheap compared to advertising. If your account for less than 6 months, then use massfollowing risky. But you can take “adult” accounts (which is not a pity), revive them and set up massfollowing on them. And in the header of the account each put a link to their main account.

? InstaPlus – a service for massfolding and massuling (? Article how to use)

A photo

Photo on the background of yellow walls, electric “yellow” light – not good for. We need white walls, cold electric, and ideally daylight. An iPhone is also suitable as a camera, but better semi-professional SLR (it is also cheaper iPhone). Take a couple of photography lessons if set up Seriously. You can whiten the photo and generally bring it to mind with applications.


Best before and after videos go. Ok if you will show something simple that can be repeated at home with minimal efforts. These videos will be willingly shared with friends that will bring many new subscribers. You can directly write this: “mark friends who are always in a hurry!”.


You can style or build up opinion leaders in the field beauty – make-up, fitness, weight loss, etc. Such “stars” guaranteed to give you new subscribers and customers. If you 100 subscribers – offer your services to those who have 1000, if you – 10K – offer to those who have 30k, etc.


  • proper hair care (masks, protective sprays, shampoos, balms, etc.)
  • harm and benefits of folk remedies
  • how and how much to grow hair
  • fashion haircuts
  • how to protect hair from cold / sun / water
  • etc.

Inspiration for posts can be found on forums, in groups VKontakte, etc.

Do posts that you want to comment on? Comments on Instagram: how to talk subscribers

Content on Instagram for hair stylists

About myself for hair masters

  1. show yourself (a shoemaker is needed with boots, you should have 100% hairstyle – it is important for potential customers to see that you you can do a great hairstyle for yourself – and therefore with their hair do a miracle)
  2. your certificates and courses (master classes at the stars, courses, take a photo with the teacher)
  3. photos from life (high-quality! you do not need pictures in the darkness in the bar with girlfriends or at home on the couch with a cat under a yellow lamp) – your the task is to sell the image of a “beautiful life” so that clients come to you for styling, with which they can also get this beautiful a life
  4. publish testoris (how you work, before and after)
  5. do live broadcasts: ask to shoot you at work
  6. try using instagram masks that will decorate your face models / clients
  7. prices for services (not every potential client will write to you in vatsap, it will most likely go to competitors – therefore write at least a price range)

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