Instagram for Windows phone


Instagram for Windows phoneQuite Not long ago, developers pleased us with a beta version of the application Instagram for smartphonesWindows phone. This news in itself is very pleasant, so long time a popular social network was available only to users iOS and Android. If there is beta, then soon it will be possible Download and full app!

The design of Instagram for Windows phone is slightly different, as it is specially designed to fit nicely with this operating system. The main functionality is the same: you can send your photos and videos to friends, while processing them from using unique Instagram filters (XPro-II, Amaro, Hudson, Brannan, Hefe and others), write comments on publications leave your followers and people you are not following Like tags to them, automatically post from the app to other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and much another!

So, if you have a lumiya, htc or some other smartphone Windows phone, then download Instagram, you can on the Windows site on this link.

Instagram for Windows phone

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