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Khabib Nurmagomedov was born in 1988 in Dagestan Silda, a wrestler takes 2nd place in the official rating UFC

From a young age, his father trained Habib in wrestling.

Since 2009 he is the champion of the country in combat sambo, since 2010 of the year becomes a two-time champion in combat sambo.

2012 brought him such titles and titles as the European champion in army hand-to-hand combat, European champion in pankration, champion world grappling.

Instagram Habib Nurmagomedov

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habib nurmagomedov instagram officialhabib nurmagomedov instagram official

Interesting Facts:

  • On the World Wide Web, videos repeatedly appeared on which athlete fought with a bear. Although the fight was comic, these videos outraged the public organization PETA, it came to the point that activists of this company requested to review their contracts with champion, they were outraged by Habib’s disrespect for the clubfoot;
  • Habib finished his first fight in 2008 in two minutes. He defeated the opponent with the help of a strangulation;
  • The first fight under the auspices of the UFC took place in the winter of 2012. She ended in the third round, also with the help of a choking reception;
  • Instagram Habib Nurmagomedov in the TOP among Russian bloggers on earnings on advertising;
  • In autumn 2008, Habib spent three fights in one day, and in each took revenge by taking the Cup of the Russian Federation;
  • In the spring of 2018, he won in 5 rounds, winning the title UFC lightweight champion. The unequivocal decision of the judges was the victory awarded to Habib;
  • From 2009 to 2012, he spent 12 battles, all of them brought him victory;
  • In October 2018, the battle of Habib took place in Las Vegas Nurmagomedova v. Conor MacGregor. The fight was won by a fighter in round 4 again with the help of asphyxiation.

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