Instagram helped the guy become a supermodel


The story of how to unwind on Instagram and become popular.


Six months ago, Matthew Noszka worked as a builder with his father in the summer in pittsburgh and played basketball in college.

“My earnings were random part-time jobs,” says Noszka, who is 22 years old. “After the basketball season started, I focused all his attention only on this. ”

But now Noszka, with his physique, is demanded, has become a high fashion model, all thanks to him Instagram account.

“We just put a photo of me standing in jeans shorts, work boots, “says the model.

This photo has changed his whole life, as it caught my eye Agent Luke Simone.

“He looked like an all-American dream,” says Simon. “Blond, with blue eyes, tall. He immediately told me I liked it. ”

Simon followed Noszk’s Instagram, and soon went out with him contact.

I received a letter from the company “Wilhelmina” about which I didn’t know anything at all. In Pittsburgh, few people talk about her at all. knows or heard. I asked my mother, who at that moment watched “American Top Model” and she told me that it very large modeling agency.

“I think that Instagram allows you to find new personalities for the modeling business, it allows you to quickly find out a person like him behaves in front of the camera and weed out those who go out bad, “said Simon

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