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What are highlights on Instagram – saved posts in a profile, which were previously published in History. Are in the middle profile, with signatures and covers. Page owner can decorate section, adding any photo to the main one or changing title.

What is Instagram Highlights

Highlights on Instagram are located in the profile description. Every a category can be separately formed from records that were previously were published in History. That is, the account holder clicks: “Add Actual” and selects from the list of those photos and videos that are suitable for him to post.

Any visitor to the page can see the News if not Account privacy requirements are set.

Features Highlights on Instagram:

  • ability to edit. Work with covers and Description
  • Viewers are not allowed after 24 hours. But the record remains active, the quantity counter changes;
  • unlimited number of photos and videos;
  • loading old pictures from the section: “Archive”.

Records that the page owner often places in the Actual I would like to save. Also, used as a platform for creating games, advertising and attracting subscribers. So, online shopping prefer to put in the section: “Actual” – Reviews from customers, and in personal profiles – indicate information about the owner of the page.

How to make HighLights

To make the selection “Actual”, the user can select between two options for adding: through Stories – “Highlight” and “Add Current” in the page description. IN In the first case, the user will be asked to select a category. If the desired section is missing, you can create it.

-> Продвижение своего Stories в Инстаграм

Through the Highlights section, adding new entries is easier:

  1. Go to Instagram – My profile.
  2. Click on the icon with a “+” in the description. Create a new Trending on InstagramCreate a new Trending on Instagram
  3. Create Actual – Add a title and cover. Create relevant on InstagramCreate relevant on Instagram
  4. Select publications from the Archive.
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Now a new section will be created where you can add photos and save for constant viewing. To open pinned recording, the viewer just needs to click on the icon and wait for the download content.

The second way to create the actual:

  1. Post new photo or video to Stories
  2. Click below: Select – indicate a section or add new. Create new relevant on InstagramCreate new relevant on Instagram
  3. Specify Settings – Save.

Thumbnails appear in the Description section sections in which you can see pinned publications. The profile owner can add up to 10 categories, where each will have unique cover and title.

How to edit

Highlights on Instagram can be edited as convenient page owner.

In the record editing menu, the following categories are proposed: cover and title. Not only phrases are added to the name, but also emoticons, short quotes.

Instructions on how to edit the Latest on Instagram:

  1. Open your profile – click on the round icon “Actual”.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select: “Edit”. Edit current on InstagramEdit current on Instagram
  3. Specify other parameters: change name, edit cover.
  4. Save changes. Edit Instagram cover artEdit Instagram cover art

When editing, the user will be able to put the main picture, which is in the Gallery or Archive of stories. Sections most often make the same as the overall style of the profile. Or create covers for the Actual through third-party applications and services.

-> Основы по продвижению аккаунта для фотографа в Инстаграм

How to remove Highlights

By clicking on the circle in the page description, the screen will appear drop-down menu. Passing into it, the user will see: delete Actual. By clicking on this item, a second dialog box will appear. with a choice: confirm or cancel. If the owner pages confirms the action – all pinned publications will be deleted. Delete current in IntagramDelete current in Intagram

If you specify cancel, the deletion will not be performed. Cleaning up Actual, the materials contained within the section will not be destroyed, and moved to the Archive. From there they can be re-placed to other pinned posts.

To remove one History from the Actual:

  1. Click on the Highlight icon.
  2. Bottom three dots – Edit. Add pictures to Instagram HistoryAdd pictures to Instagram History
  3. A list of Stories will appear – deselect those that are not need to show.
  4. Save settings.

Highlights on Instagram – aroused interest among users. Pinned notes have become a convenient advertising platform, a place for grouping records and creating directories.

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