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Like any other social network, Instagram has limits on publication. Thanks to restrictions, thousands of users can upload photos at the same time, and the system can without problems to calculate bots. Instagram limits for 2020 per day were slightly changed, unlike in previous years.

Why restrictions are needed

Almost all user actions have limits. These are: comments, likes, the number of subscribers and unsubscribers, signs in the post. Sections where there are no limits – private messages, that is direct. The restrictions apply to the number of characters. in the text in the description under the photo.

What are the limits for?

  • reduce the number of bots and fakes;
  • data processing on servers;
  • decrease in the number of publications and “clogging” of the Ribbon.

For users whose pages have been created in less than three weeks back, restrictions are designed for fewer publications. Limitations are divided into: per diem, action per second and minute.

Like and comment limits

One way to draw attention to your page is to comment or like left. Under photographs often messages containing spam and the sentence “go to link “.

To reduce the number of fakes, the limit of likes in Instagram:

For new profiles: no more than one in 30 seconds, thirty pieces per hour and 720 per day.

For accounts older than six months: 60 per hour and 1440 per day.

It is recommended to observe the initial limits so as not to fall under blocking. Between likes, you need to make a gap, at least in hour. If you exceed the permissible limits: the ability to set “Like” will be unavailable for next day. If an account has noticed strange activity: the limit of likes, subscriptions and unsubscriptions is exceeded – the account will be temporarily blocked for 72 hours.

Instagram comment limits:

To new pages: 30 pieces per hour and 720 per day. At the same time, the system will track the same type of abandoned reviews.

No limit: 60 per hour and 1440 per day.

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Mentioning others also falls into the comment category. users. Only five can fit in one answer nicknames.

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Restrictions for publications

There is no limit to the number of Stories per day on Instagram. The page owner can add more than 100 stories, but they are all disappear after 24 hours. To save any photo or video, you need to move it to the “Current” section.

There is only one limit for Instagram Stories introduced – video length and size. Stories published video materials no more than 15 seconds.

Instagram post limit: on the old account – no more than 12 publications per day, on the new – up to three. Quantity indicated approximately and is considered recommended. New user can add up to six posts but must remember the likelihood blocking.

The limit on the number of characters in an Instagram post is 2000 s spaces. To continue the thought, you can write it in the comments or add screenshots to the carousel. Special attention is worth devote to formatting when adding text when adding extra characters. This includes space, emoticons and system signs.

With all the restrictions, the limit on posts to Instagram direct is absent. But it is not advisable to send more than 10 notifications to the user who did not confirm the application. Despite confidentiality of personal correspondence, with regular sending of spam to different pages – the system will issue a lock.

Subscriptions and Unsubscribe

Strict limits on the number of subscriptions per day: Instagram struggles with bots wound by subscribers. Often, blog owners, large communities notice that more than one day was unsubscribed thousands of people. Social network system rated new visitors pages like bots.

You can subscribe to 1000 accounts per day, maximum speed per hour – 200. The interval between the next subscription should be in a minute.

The limit for unsubscribing on Instagram per day is the same as the subscription: no more than 1000 per day. Rules have been implemented due to use services for cheating the audience, and after – mass unsubscribing.

What can they block on Instagram

The social network has introduced the rules for using the service, with non-compliance with which – the user will receive a notification “Action is blocked.”

The main causes of the error:

  • limits on comments, likes or subscriptions are exceeded;
  • access to the page from different devices at the same time;
  • illegal materials and extremism;
  • naked body;
  • copyright infringement complaint.

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The action is blocked on InstagramThe action is blocked on Instagram

Since 2019, additional rules have been added, which social network members should follow:

  • You cannot sell or transfer an account for free;
  • in the nickname and name it is forbidden to write the domain of the site;
  • you can not use wrapping services or automatic create profiles;
  • publication of other people’s photos, without attribution also prohibited
  • humiliation, threats and discrimination.

Following Instagram requirements, the user will not be faced with restrictions. If the owner of the page did not exceed the limits, and a notification about the blocking appeared – contact the technical support. After updates, errors and bugs may occur, influencing the subscription and comments.

The limits on Instagram in 2020 are slightly changed in relation to to the previous year. Differences in the ability of new page owners – The term for checking the account is two weeks.

Updates in the rules: December 2019 – 2020

In November – early December, new rules for likes appeared, subscriptions and messages on Instagram. Social network is following the new profiles during the first two weeks. After – the account receives full access to functionality, including the marks “I like”.

Limits and rules:

  • Messages: Up to thirty new chats with unsigned by users;
  • likes: up to 100 per day, a break between marks – 10-15 seconds
  • Subscriptions: up to 100 per day, with a break of one to two minutes;
  • Comments: no more than 50 per day under various publications;
  • mentions: you cannot mark yourself, up to 5 under the post.

Basically, the limits work on personal accounts. Business Pages will be notified if they exceed the permissible value. But if the business account owner regularly neglects the requirements social network – the page may be blocked.

If a user performs more actions in one day than indicated – a notification will appear the next time you log in: “Suspicious login attempt. “You must enter the code that will be sent to email or phone number.

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