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Most recently appeared live on Instagram. Function interesting and useful. With its help, you can make a webinar (even paid, by the way), and chat with subscribers, and just tell how your day goes.

Have you tried it already? Not? Not sure what to talk about live Instagram to be interesting and you watched? let’s try understand!

What you can talk about and what to show live Instagram

Choose a specific and interesting topic for your broadcasts

What to talk about live on InstagramSpeak with subscribers to a specific topic in which you are an expert and which will surely find a response from your subscribers.

For example, you are mom. Touch the topic of vaccinations – you will argue with subscribers for an hour. Perhaps the negative in this situation is not to avoid, but they will definitely look at you, and they will definitely write to you comments.

Tell us how your day goes, show a piece of it

Can be combined with the first paragraph. Husband’s first live broadcast showed a fight of cats, neighbors and ours, we accidentally her have seen. Many sympathized – wrote comments. In my first on air we fried potato pancakes. People love to watch someone else’s life!

Show an interesting event where you are

Turn on Instagram live in an interesting place – great idea! For example, an exhibition, a concert, a trip to the city center fit perfectly. The main thing is that you can shoot (otherwise at some events they’re not allowed to shoot).

Answer the questions your subscribers asked.

What to talk about live on InstagramYou can first lay out a post, finding out the wishes of your readers, and then to broadcast. Or collect recurring questions from comments under posts or from direct.

If you are conducting a business page on Instagram, using direct air you can tell your subscribers:

– how do you produce your goods or perform services that offer; – show yourself as a business leader, especially if You have not shown yourself before; – You can show your employees; – show the finished work, tell us about the materials from which produce goods; – answer frequently asked questions about your product or service.

If you want your live stream on Instagram to watch more people:

– broadcast live on weekdays (Monday – perfect option); – be sure to announce the broadcast time fasting, storytelling, or both; – do not go on air very often – do not bother people; – rest assured, do not mark. For this, for example, sketch a plan of your story on a piece of paper; – lift Interesting and relevant topics, so that viewers write comments to you; – do not shoot too expensive videos, an hour and a half – this is very many, even an hour – a lot. 20-30 is an ideal time for broadcast; – and most importantly – be interesting in your account, keep decent profile, then subscribers will definitely want to see on you and live. And to have more, do not forget about Instagram promotion methods.

As you can see, if you have a personal blog or even a business page on Instagram, with which you sell goods or services, to you There is something to tell about and what to show to subscribers on the air. Be creative and come up with your own broadcast themes. Experiment with themes, time, find your unique live streaming options for Instagram!

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