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Many bloggers conduct marathons on Instagram: psychologists, stylists, web designers, doctors, copywriters, needlewomen, fitness instructors, insta moms. This phenomenon is in popularity now. inferior, perhaps, to the giveaways.

What are insta marathons and why do they have big success?

Marathon is a convenient way to share useful information in concise and accessible form, this is a great way to attract attention, tell about yourself and your activity in an interesting for other users form.

Typically, such activities are as follows. the structure

– copyright articles on the topic; – challenge (tasks for participants).

The result is something like a short course for a certain topic: theory + practice. This format attracts a lot number of interested users, because many people want “get rid of trash in 10 days”, “pump up the buttocks in a week”, “become smm guru in a month”, etc. In addition, based on the results prizes and gifts are almost always distributed.

As a result, participants receive not only personal benefit (motivation to cleaning, fitness, new knowledge in the area of ​​interest), but also prizes for not being too lazy and got this benefit.

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What are the goals of the organizers of the marathons?

Of course, a marathon on Instagram is one of the types of activity to attract new subscribers and / or customers. This is great way to advertise your paid course or service (most often counseling in any field).

Giving out part of the information for free, you have people to yourself and cause more interest in the remaining, undisclosed part “secret knowledge” (although to intrigue openly “but how to do this and I’m telling you on my paid course “it’s not worth it, usually it’s It looks like too “thick” self-promotion and repels).

It will be better if the participants think for themselves: “I wonder what you can find out for a fee, which is not disclosed here? “. And if you offer some kind of service, the marathon gives an excellent opportunity demonstrate yourself as an expert in your field.

Of course, for such an effect, the event should be good. organized and filled with really useful and original information.

How to conduct a marathon on Instagram

How to conduct a marathon on InstagramThe beauty is that in order it’s not necessary to have a marathon on Instagram several thousand subscribers. But approach his organization need with all responsibility: think through the rules, prepare content, pick up interesting tasks for the participants, take care about a unique tag under which participants will write about completed tasks, come up with interesting prizes. Often for this sponsors are attracted – accounts that are ready to provide their products / services as advertising prizes.

Marathons are often held not by one organizer, but by a group – it’s easier to make the event more eventful in terms of information and rewards, which means more attractive to participants.

Marathon is a format that allows you to widely express your imagination. AND Naturally, not only commercial accounts use it, but and creative people – this is how botanical, artistic, literary and other challenges bringing people together interests without any marketing purpose. And the prizes (if any) usually are purely symbolic.

The main ways to attract participants to the marathon

Advertising is indispensable if you want to attract participants to your event.

Run word of mouth

Ask your subscribers to write about you and your event. (this can be either a prerequisite for participation, or optional). To do this, you need to first publish post-announcement of the future marathon, from which it will be possible to understand exactly what will it be and why.

Then you can declare sfs, do not be shy! Let your friends you praise the newcomer to the organization, this should bring at least psychological help! Let them say that this type of promotion is already outdated, but experience shows that some of the practical benefits of he is.

Advertising and mutual PR

Find the public accounts and accounts on Instagram for topics that suit you, ask for their publication, arrange advertising, offer cooperation. In my first marathons, it even helped me to post posts in public in other social networks (although the marathon was held exactly on Instagram).

This also includes guest posting – an agreement on mutual Posting on other blogs.

And get ready for the influx of new subscribers – prepare post-acquaintance, make sure everything is new on your blog It was clear and, of course, interesting, even before the start of the marathon.

Want to try or see how it works?

Join my free marathon on Instagram “My 50 Thanks, “which starts on November 1! Throughout For 50 days we will find something good in every day we live and create small joys yourself – this practice helps cope with difficulties and unpleasant thoughts in difficult periods and endless groundhog day.

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