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Designer Mika Milner creates just a masterpiece in her account Instagram. Anyone can subscribe to this account, find it You can follow the link located at the end of the article. so bewitching, the picture from his publications has no end, Mika paints her paintings as an addition to the rest of the photos. The artist admitted that this Instagram canvas does not create one, he one of the producers of ART404 Moises helps Sanabria. 1

Read part of an interview with Mickey Milner from Big Picci:

“The account appeared in February last year. Everything turned out quite spontaneously – we tried to understand how to use social networks to promote our projects. So the idea was born with Instagram feed that eclipsed everyone else. Of course, creating whole images from several thumbnails is not a new idea. But I have never seen anyone do this “throughout” everything account. Plus the picture crashes if you do not add immediately 3 Images. But I know a secret that helps to avoid this. ” 3d91ac2bf5874e60 The secret of his work is the author of all these publications not to share. To subscribe to Mick Milner’s page look for it at this address: @micanotfound Read also how to do it your account popular in this article.

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