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InstagramEvery year, Instagram changes, new features are added. This summer, the developers surprised us. Instagram Stories, stories in Instagram that you can talk about your life everyday. Let’s figure out why this is needed and how it is works.

The new “Stories” feature reminded me of Periscope. You can click a bunch of photos, shoot some videos, add them to them text or drawings and show to your subscribers. In this case, the data materials will not be published in your profile, will not appear in feeds friends. However, they will be visible in the horizontal slider, placed under the application header. That way you can not spam in the feed of your subscribers by posting the same photos and video. You can show your life in live mode. That is why such stories are stored on Instagram only 24 hours.

Why do we need stories?

Even at first I didn’t understand why on Instagram another new function. But, taking advantage of a little, clarity came. Here for example, several uses for new items.

– First of all, as noted above, stories do not allow spam your profile with the same photo and video. – Moreover, they will help you deal with the announcements of their products (fad for business accounts). – Well, and, of course, with the help of stories you can easy to show how your day goes.

How to add fresh history to Instagram: photos and videos

For the new function, Instagram has stored the upper left corner of its applications.


By clicking on it, you get into the camera.


To take a photo, tap the shutter icon. To record video, click on it and hold your finger until the video will be recorded.

Instagram Story

The result can be viewed, add captions on the photo and video (you can even write with your finger – the menu in the upper right corner), save to the phone’s memory (arrow in the lower right corner) and finally send to Instagram (the largest arrow by middle).


Published broadcasts appear above the feed, you notice right away. Unviewed posts will be in red edging. You can view user stories not only from tapes, but also from the profile. To do this, click on the person’s avatar.

Stories in a person’s profile

If a person has recorded several stories, this will be displayed on top. when viewing. One will automatically show after another. In addition, you can switch between entries.


It is worth noting that you can perform some story settings: hide them from unnecessary people (while your profile may remain open), allow only yours to answer them subscribers, delete unnecessary stories, etc. However completely you cannot disable Stories on Instagram – circles will still be appearing at the top of your tape from people who are filming stories, even if you do not use this feature.

Should I use the new feature on Instagram or not?

The choice is yours! But if you want to become a popular blogger or keep a business account, you can’t bypass stories. Such records will help you more often to “glow” in their tapes subscribers. Therefore, we do not ignore new chips, but come up with interesting content! And, as it seems to me, in this mode there will be Prefer to publish videos rather than photos.

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