Instagram mobile version: how to open on computer


Instagram mobile version

Many do not know that Instagram can be opened on a computer, for of this there is a mobile version.

You can upload publications, share stories and chat with subscribers like in a mobile application.

And you do not need to download any applications and visit third-party sites.

Instagram mobile version: how to open on a computer

  1. Open the web version ( and log in using login and password.
  2. Right-click anywhere.
  3. Choose View Code or Explore Item (key combination: Ctrl + Shift + I).
  4. В правой части экрана активируем адаптивный режим Instagram mobile version: how to open on computer.
  5. Refreshing the page (F5 key).

Instagram mobile version for the computerInstagram mobile version for the computer

  • When the bottom panel appears, you can fully use Instagram on the computer;
  • For stable operation from above, change “Responsive” to any smartphone model, for example, iPhone X);

Almost all the main functions are available in the mobile version: you can add a photo or video, upload story, write message, etc.

For greater convenience, you can download Instagram for Windows 10. All the same, only work from a special application for PC.

Video lesson on the topic: how to open Instagram on a computer.

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