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Nicky on Instagram for girls and guys is a way to announce yourself, make the page more popular. Thanks to the unique name, the user will become recognizable among others. Also, via nickname search through the pages.

Cool and beautiful nicks on Instagram

By registering, a new member must come up with a word, by to which friends and relatives can find him. Come up with a nickname in Instagram can be through combination selection systems, taking the idea from examples, as well as using the generator for the first the letters.

What nickname to come up with on Instagram if your loved ones are already taken:

  • use the first letters of the last name and first name. For example, from “Maria Radisova” can turn out “marisa” or “madiya”. The user can select any combination. It is important that the selected nickname was not busy;
  • use name and date of birth. The numbers can be put in front, or place in a different order;
  • date of registration. Indicate the word that indicates the subject page, and after – date. This method will also help. remember the date of registration of the account;
  • owner’s name and phrase identifying the profile topic.

Using one of the examples, you can create your own, unique nickname. When entering a new name on the page, the user must monitor the presence of such in the system. Instagram simply Do not miss a name that has already been used.


Interesting: nickname and name are not the same thing. First one can change infrequently, as the user is searched by nickname. The name is located in the profile description, you can enter in this line any phrases 16 characters long.

Among the popular nicknames:

  • Short: Mohito, multili, Yakito, odas, Mariel, kajin.
  • With the meaning: my_life, newstory, good_mood, mein_leben, je_taime.
  • With names: Katherine_2000, alissonme, 20lesya18.

For girls

Depending on how the owner leads the page, You can pick up any options for interesting nicknames for Instagram:

  • playful: koketka_v_shlapke, mimi_sempai, yourgirl;
  • cute: cute_marie, smallpuppy, alonebaby;
  • from movies or TV shows: breakfast_at_Tiffany, above_the_sky, Sherlockfan;
  • by preferences and hobbies: beauty_day, dollyroom, travelgirl.

Nicky on Instagram for a girl in English is designed for Username columns. To change your current nickname:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Click: “Edit Profile”. Edit Instagram profile exampleEdit Instagram profile example
  3. The string “Username” – copy or introduce a new one.
  4. At the bottom of the screen is Done.

For lovers of concise nicknames, you can use such options: the first letter of the name, age and letters from the last name. For example: mi19ko (Milana Kolesnikova, 19 years old), ka94mi (Ekaterina Smirnova, 1994). Another example is the use of important phrases characterizing the page: love_him, cook_mrs, book_girl.

Finding free nicks on Instagram is not easy: number users now exceeds 1 billion. Given that the identifier each page must be unique, girls will have to Try to choose a nickname. Also because of the large part of the audience is female.

For guys

Instagram nicknames for guys can be: funny, testify to a hobby, aggressive, consist of a name or surnames. Nicknames are considered popular among males, where there are numbers or nationality. Often consists of nicknames or a fictitious name.

For example: like_marvel, Kavkaz_rulit, mad_hatter and others. Important, so that the created nickname does not offend other users. Instagram policy prohibits the use of phrases that may be racist or hate others social network.

Examples of nicknames for Instagram for guys in English:

  • simpleguy (simple guy), life_actor (life actor), broDayGa;
  • for those who love video games: 2doter, perviy_tankist, fortnitewinner;
  • family or relationship: love_her, besthusband, fatherofson, lovegun;
  • sports and car lovers: avto_master, footballplay.

To choose a specific option for yourself, you need to be creative. approach the question. For personal pages, it makes no sense to create something unusual and easy to remember. Similar nickname format Suitable for bloggers, groups and business pages.

Relatives and friends will find it easier to search by first and last name. If the account was created for loved ones – it will be easier set initials in nickname. The name is also indicated in the description, in corresponding column.

Original and cool nicknames

Such names are remembered immediately: it can be a personal page or community. To create a creative nickname, you can take the base is already popular and add words, expressions. Cool nicks in Instagram have one thing in common – conciseness.

Visitors simply find it through a search or mark it on publication. In addition, this is the advantage of the owner of the page – creating a business card, the name will fit on one line.

Creative nicknames examples:

  • pro100page, neostory, v_tanke, gluk – for those who prefer funny names for profiles on social networks;
  • smexox, smili_k, chizick – they use personal blogs or small groups;
  • oops_problem, error404, netimeni – for those who love the original titles for your page;
  • nerdik, mad_genius, barbaric – funny phrases that work both girls and boys.

In addition to the main nickname, you must create an interesting page description. It happens: facts from the life of the owner, links to interesting resources, unusual characters or fonts. In the name on the very the page you can enter an inscription with emoticons, highlighting the important parts text.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

For example, choosing a cool nickname on Instagram “welcomepage”, the user should indicate the features of the account: “I’ll talk about photo processing, “” teach blogging “or” show the world in bright tones. “For a personal page, the profile description has at least value than for the public.

-> Стикер чаты для Сторис Инстаграма

For happy girls

You can generate a cool nickname for Instagram using the names famous characters in movies or TV shows. Also interesting an example is the use of permutation of letters in words. The popular girl: Bhad Bhabie distinguished herself in such a “game”. Initially, the phrase looked like “bad baby,” but with the addition of a pair letters – the nickname has acquired original features.

  • Funny_Liaya, MikkiMi, Fortunate – for fun and happy;
  • SnowOlaf, brightlights, disney_princess – girls will like, who love animation;
  • Onpozitiff, Ledi_v_kedax, tvoifngel – for a little romantic and positive.

A separate category distinguishes the original nicknames on Instagram, where there is a play on words. Russian phrase can be translated through any available translator and use as a name pages.

It’s worth a look at the slang expression pages to remain at the peak of popularity: kudosfor (I express my admiration), fullofbean (restless, full of energy), beeskness (something unique).

Note: choosing one of the stable English language expressions, you need to sort through all the variants of using the phrase. IN Otherwise, the phrase will not be understood by any Russian-speaking audience, nor foreigners.

For outgoing guys

To provide a pleasant first impression to visitors or regular commentators under the photo – you need to choose a simple one, but funny nickname. Funny nicknames for boys often contain absurd expressions. As an example: xomRk_v_dome, tapo4ok, in100gram.

Free nicknames on Instagram:

  • Homegeneralius, moshnii_beat, small_joker – to guys who love to put fashionable nicknames;
  • Privetpoka, searchu, findhappy – young people who are not yet found a sweetheart;
  • Nature_boy, love_word, savemoments – users looking for harmony and beauty in the environment;
  • Time_killer, hellfriend, poFFigist – for the most original and fashionable.

Ideas for nicknames on Instagram can be gleaned from children’s nicknames, company names and brands. If a young man prefers a certain manufacturer of mobile devices, he can use: iphonich (Ayfonych). Or take a made-up name character of a popular video game: larrysher (Sally Face), BigbiWolf (The Wolf Among Us) or SolidSnake (Metal Gear).

Each of these options not only characterizes the owner pages as an interesting person, but also shows a hobby. Using examples from computer games, a young man can quickly find a nickname and use for the name account.

Nicky in English

A nickname on an Instagram profile is a login, which also used at registration. Applying long phrases, you need set automatic authorization in a social network or write down the combination used. Enter username or title account can only be in Latin keyboard layout.

Beautiful nicknames on Instagram often repeat popular phrases: lifeisgood, dontworry and others. Russian-speaking audience translates Russian expressions or uses transliteration. For example: milaya_devo4ka, opasniyparen, super_profil.

Popular Instagram nicknames in English:

  • Accident, foreveryoung, missthemystery – standard phrases, often used on social networks;
  • quotes from songs or books: faraway, didyoulove, waitforme;
  • with hashtags: likeforme, followmypage, ftof.

English expressions are used for blogs and personal pages where focus on foreign subscribers. In the case of short expressions: they are convenient for frequent authorization on the site and memorable for the account holder.

For the mysterious girls

Cool nicknames on Instagram for a girl “warm up” interest in visitors. Motivational blog owners can take advantage phrase: be.alright or motivfor. If the nickname was busy with someone for others, just add the numbers in front of the first word or in the end.

It is worth remembering: more than three digits in the page title are not remembered neither by the owner, nor by subscribers. The exception is: date of registration and birth.

Original nicknames for girls on Instagram:

  • Short: nightq, gotome, higuy.
  • Long: stay_withme, open.secret, uloveme.

In good nicknames on Instagram try not to use the extra characters. Valid: underscore and period. System social network does not skip brackets and other system signs.

The list of interesting options includes:

  • RunawayBride, mommy24hour, creepycharacter – for publications with personal experiences;
  • Skysofar, yourmistake, icefloe are non-standard phrases that rarely used in public pages;
  • Littlemonster, dontstop, badideas – girls, with unusual photographs.

Cool nicknames on Instagram for a girl will help with the search readers and subscribers. By making the page closed, but adding intriguing description – the owner of the page will be able to create an image mysterious personality.

Important: when changing a nickname, all old entries will not be transferred on new. So, if in the comments indicated the previous one, then go the link to the profile will no longer work.

For modern guys

The male half is not opposed to declare themselves, page and hobbies. You can pick up an interesting nickname on Instagram from the name music groups, use personal data, and become familiar with examples from popular bloggers.

Fashionable nicknames for guys:

  • Danar, hype.bro, memesguy – for those who often spend time in The Internet;
  • Liferules, onechoice, leaderpack – mysterious and hidden guys
  • Sim.ple, likerhate, militaryking – for lovers of memorable nicknames;
  • Ddosattack, attentionhere, yourfan.s – those who are constantly are “at the peak of popularity.”

Finding free options is difficult, so users apply the method of duplication of characters. First letter or last Highlight with underline or dot. As a result it turns out: t_tank,

Nicknames for couples on Instagram are also relevant. For example, a girl and guy put the same words, use the same formatting. Marking in the photo, an inscription with a nickname will appear. Separate attention it’s worth paying attention to the pages where the owners are two people. Family couples often create one account for two.

For the name it’s worth considering:

  • partners names: Alisaandmaxim, alex_marina;
  • marital status: groom.bride, fammilyivanovy;
  • hobbies and features: travelersfam, webartists.

This approach will help your audience remember important information about owners.

Nicky for teens

The main Instagram audience is young people aged 14 to 25 years. Using a social network, you can show your individuality, stand out from other users. Teenagers often choose simple names for their profiles. collocations or use names.

-> Сколько человек в мире используют Инстаграм

Unusual nicknames on Instagram – names of idols, heroes of famous television series. In addition to the selected nickname, you must specify a name and last name in the corresponding line, section “Edit profile”:

  • write real information. Only name or full name;
  • indicate the specifics of the page: About beauty, school weekdays or relationships with the opposite sex;
  • characterize: funny girl, future blogger, diligent student.

This category is filled in Russian, but the application characters or English expressions are not prohibited. User not can use other fonts, but emoticons or brackets will be displayed on the page.

Perfect for a nickname:

  • partyeveryday, happyandfunny, all_love – positive and cheerful guys;
  • sorrynotsorry, thnxnext, saymyname – by popular music compositions;
  • serialmylife, waitingexam, studentmed – for students and schoolchildren.

Interesting nicknames on Instagram will become an occasion to get acquainted with other users with similar interests. Change name pages can be no more than three times a week. Otherwise the system will temporarily block the account.

Good nicknames for boys

For boys of school age would be ideal choose a neutral nickname. As an example: schooler, ruffianboy, sonofsun. Registration on the social network is available only to those who reached thirteen. The rest, pick up nicknames can parents:

  • Bestboy, like_a_play, seeyouclose – simple that will work any teenager;
  • Sonmothersgf, tovarich_2006, instaboy – popular at the moment moment among the boys;
  • Tvoisuprise, 4elove4ek, kinderpingvi – funny names for children’s page;
  • Gamemonster, csgolove, minecraftboy – for those who love video games.

Users under 13 years old cannot post on their own photos or leave comments. Guardian or parent required indicate on the page that the adult is administering. For teenagers over thirteen, the rules and restrictions are the same as for adults.

More adult Instagram members are offered such nicknames: WTF0_o, wheremymind, homiegangsta.

Cute nicknames for girls

Nick for a girl on Instagram is easier to choose, because of the options: Disney princesses, diminutive expressions, funny quotes:

  • cuteMia, beauty_vera, princessLisa – for little princesses and lovely teenage girls;
  • lovebook, like_draw, foto.girl – future models and artists;
  • red_cherry, gbananana, – beautiful and simple nicknames.

In the case, as with boys, the parent must monitor child under 13 years old.

Girls over the age will like these examples: gdeti_gdeya, yourgirlfriend, sweetangel. For family photos and personal, recommended closed profile. The same applies to children’s pages: see pictures or photos without owner confirmation will not work.

Examples of nicknames on Instagram with the name Nick

It will be difficult for girls with the name Nick or the full form of Veronica Choose an option for the page title. Young lady will like: nikainlove, strongnika, wifenika. Girls and teens – nicenika, sweet_nika, styleofnika. The name is distributed not only in the territory CIS, therefore, even the English-language options are busy.

To choose a nickname, you should: take the full form of the name and add any word. It could be: nikas_blog, ver.anika.dear, likablenika. Find interesting options or ideas possible with such bloggers: nika_viper, belonika, nikarude.

Nicks for business pages

For business profiles, it’s important to create a sense of brand confidence in visitors. Also, the name should be simple. Example nick for Instagram photographer: photo-master, cinemafokus, weddingphoto. IN You can use the name of the city as the first word. So the page owner immediately uses hashtags.

By entering the name of the settlement in the search, the user will see all possible accounts with services. For example: Saratov_photo or live_rostov. Haunted Resources – Overheard, So Ahead Nicknames you can put podsluchano and the city.

Nick on Instagram for a manicurist can be cute or contain the name of the beauty salon. For private business fit: manikurdlyavas, naildesign, artnail. Salons should indicate full names, because the name also carries an advertising purpose.

Nicky for Instagram groups

Communities or pages with specific content require careful selection in the title. For example, a popular blog with Useful information is considered adme. This is a short nickname corresponding to the title on the site.

Nicky for the group on Instagram:

  • smexpage, prikoliimemi, videofun – for profiles with fun video or pictures;
  • thisworld, aboutanimals, seastory – informative information pages;
  • newspolitica, openeyes, ucountry – political portals;
  • cinemanew, filmmoments, serialsandfilms – for accounts where excerpts from popular films or series are published.

Choosing any of the proposed options, be it a nickname in Instagram for a girl or page for an online store, owner must remember readability. In the first three weeks of Instagram monitors new profiles, which means the name should comply with the policy of using the resource.

List of nicknames for girls 13-15 years old

An additional list of interesting nicknames for teens includes:

  • Serial_maniac, BTSFun, SweetHurt;
  • K12 Forever, ilikeli, morzerta;
  • Gilgo, smallliker, tiktoknme;
  • Musicdrug, rainbowgirl, seachmegoogle;
  • Sevennseven, Badmikkie, noplaywithme;
  • Lovebites, usatravel, LoJparty;
  • Smallarter, includience, absolutegood;
  • Lihilieh, malinshka00, kittitikker;
  • Milkashoko, ilovelatte, coffeemania.

No less interesting community nicknames for teens:

  • Grouphealth, selfcare_like, schoolnotes;
  • Seacheyou, pieceofworld, naturedairy;
  • Dailyforgirl, cry_babble, CoBeT_dnya;
  • coJlNILIJko_profile, cool_notes, 3aTTIcKa;
  • Mleko_mloko, shipsweet, PODAROK;
  • Surprice_for_u, photoismylife, NoRules;
  • EXIT_welcome, EXOFan, Burlesquegirl.

List of nicknames for girls 16-18 years old

  • Coldqueen, malechaMi, cutieprincess;
  • Ilovelive, noexicstm sweethurt_highschool;
  • Everyonenosee, ame_meno, luxbaby;
  • Memimi, o_ocharovashka, sweet18;
  • Knowwhoyou, i_ineko, animefan;
  • Mikakima, silentgirl, book_n_cinema;
  • cTyDeNTKa, arterperfect, GiParalel;
  • Youtubehater, likeelove, KaPeGla3aya.

For business pages:

  • Chek_baby, travelgirl, 18blogger;
  • Seemyvine, mymomsays, createiillusion;
  • Freakintobeuty, inloveinsta, LoLscream;
  • Queenbeuty, konizzabook, postmaker;
  • Blogger4you, noname_blog, groupinterest;
  • Kiomaria, neoblogger, futurewithme;
  • Rikala_ri, hello_follower, mykainepo.

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