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Instagram social network statistics show that more than 67% users – girls and women. Create a beautiful signature for Instagram photos for girls using various services font changes, unusual emoticons and quotation pages.

It is important that the image and text match each other.

Why signatures are needed

The caption for Instagram photos for girls can be written on Russian or English. In addition, symbols and signs are used, which adorn the text. Description of the image happens:

  • Information block. Actual for bloggers and users, who have a personal blog on a social network;
  • Description of events. For example, holidays, events, situations from real life;
  • Quote. Phrase from the book, status from social networks.

Text is useful as a way to promote your profile. Many Instagram bloggers use text description to attract an audience, design a page, create a focus.

Create Label

Using the keyboard on your mobile device, you can add Emoji. Emoticons act as anchors in important parts of the text, Attracting visitors and commentators.

No less popular are special services for adding unusual characters. But they may not appear in owners of obsolete versions of the operating system or a computer.

To create a signature for your personal blog, you should work with audience:

  1. Average age of subscribers.
  2. Topic profile.
  3. Actual topics in the world.
  4. Percentage of men and women among subscribers.

The maximum amount of text under the photo is 2000, which includes spaces and paragraphs. To indent between different parts text, you need to use glider applications: Planory, Garny, Preview.

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For those who prefer small labels, quotes or phrases from books, films, series.

-> Раздел сохраненное в Инстаграм: описание функции

Captions for photos in Instagram examples:

  • Quote: “The main thing is to believe in yourself. The opinion of society is changing daily”;
  • Make a description of the photo, which shows several people You can simply list the names, indicate the location;
  • To beautifully describe your selfie, you should indicate the details: new hairstyle, lack of makeup, a small event in life;
  • Signing food is interesting, calling the account visitors desire to visit the same restaurant or cafeteria

Also use hashtags to reach your audience and search. readers. Through this method, you can find other Images of interest. Using Instagram SignaturesUsing Instagram Signatures

Successful blogger accounts will become an example, an opportunity Learn how to maintain a personal page for a wide reach of visitors.

Description in English

Captions for Instagram photos in English are fashionable and relevant. Applications from the font change category are suitable for create lettering. As with unusual characters, they may not appear to some users.

English text is suitable for travel descriptions, attracting a foreign audience. Short expressions are used, familiar to subscribers: “All we need is love.”, “Let your fears go.” other. When signing, it is recommended that you select the appropriate phrase what is happening in the picture.

Signature can be created by comments or by a photo. The first option is applicable when the text does not fit in description. For example, bloggers leave a smiley showing continuation of the story in the comments.

Make the inscription through a custom font

For the design of inscriptions on Instagram use non-standard fonts, indents and symbols. The first can be obtained in English quotes using third-party text editing services.

How to make a publication through Messletters:

  1. Go to the site – insert the quote you need into the line copy to Instagram.
  2. Choose the appropriate font and style.
  3. Copy the received text – go to editing descriptions under the post on Instagram.
  4. Insert text – Save changes.

-> igtv в Инстаграм: как сделать, добавить или скачать

But some characters may not be displayed due to the encoding or, if the smartphone operating system is out of date. Therefore, before editing, you need to check the display of all characters on a PC or use a phone on a different platform.

So, characters from the iPhone may not be available on Android. They look like filled and unreadable squares. The author of the publication needs change the font so that the profile visitor can read the text description.

How to indent in the caption under the photo on Instagram

To read a long quote, users suggested “invisible” character. This is a character that separates paragraphs and unavailable for viewing. Use it to add lists, make two or three pieces of text. There are two ways to work with invisible character:

  • copy and paste in parts of the text manually;
  • use third-party quotation apps Instagram.

Using the tool SpaceForInstagram, the author of the page will be able to divide the text into small paragraphs, add lists. How to apply for clearance:

  1. Download and install Space for Instagram.
  2. Open – enter text.
  3. Button “Enter” to divide in the right places.
  4. Click: “Copy” – go to Instagram.
  5. Insert text in the description under the photo or video.

To make a list, you need to put Enter at the end of the phrase and any emoticon in the beginning. This not only decorates the text, but also attracts the attention of profile visitors.

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