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When adding a new story, the user can both insert animation from the database available, so do a survey on Instagram. This marketing tool on a commercial account, like comments will help to explore the interests of the target audience.

Why polls are needed

What polls can be done on Instagram depends on the owner account. Voting is limited only by the imagination of the author of the post and two answer choices.

For example, when adding a new product it’s corny to publish just an ordinary or live photo is not enough: interesting for subscribers to do a survey in the story instagram about adding similar product in a different color or style.

Naturally, the issues are not limited to the range of goods. For example, such options are interesting:

  • Are customers satisfied with the service?
  • Does the courier service work fast;
  • Do they like a new promotion, etc.
  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

On my personal account, the question is how to do a survey on Instagram, solved even easier: here you can already roam. Range of questions very wide – from photos of a beautiful girl, the owner of the account, with trite “Do you like me?”, to “Is there life on Mars?” or video with a funny dog ​​and the question “Do all dogs go to heaven?”

It’s important to remember that the story with the attached vote is such the same content, which with the right approach can increase number of subscribers.

Adding a Vote

Making a survey in Instagram history is extremely easy. First thing you need to add the story itself, for which drag the screen with your finger to the right so that the camera is activated. In addition to photography or short video, you can insert any image from the gallery.

-> Приложение Инстаграм остановлено

After adding a picture or photo, click on the emoji icon in in the upper right corner and among the proposed options select “Poll” (in the English version of the Poll application). You can edit as asked question and answer options.

Adding a poll to InstagramAdding a poll to Instagram

The final touch is to click the “Finish” button and publish a new one a story. It will be available to subscribers 24 hours from the moment publication.

Text of the survey in InnstagramText of the survey in Innstagram

View Results

Knowing how to familiarize yourself with the results is just as important as how to do a survey on Instagram in story, otherwise myself the survey is meaningless. To do this, open the story and pull screen up.

When participating in someone else’s poll, remember that voting is not is anonymous and your choice will become known to other users Instagram.

The list displays the viewers who viewed the story, as well as who which option I chose. Data changes in real time, therefore, the account holder can track them by returning to The results are still relevant. After this period, accept voting is not possible, therefore the results are not are changing.

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