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All of us, registering on Instagram, to one degree or another become bloggers and want to draw attention to your page, to your content, product, person. How to maintain your profile so that was you interested in?

Material for our site was prepared by Marina Sukhoterina @marinasukhoterina.

I highlight 8 basic rules of posting on Instagram:

1. The photo is only high quality, in the same style

Look for yourself, you must fall in love with your own profile, then you and others will love. The first impression is always created by the picture. If If you have low-quality blurry photos, the user doesn’t even will read the text.

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2. The text of the post should be composed correctly

With meaning, clearly, but disclosed. Re-check the text 2-3 times before publishing (including literacy), remove unnecessary, leave the main thing, fix the errors. Do not forget about copywriting.

Copywriting is a professional writing activity. advertising and presentation texts (all texts that are direct or indirectly advertise or popularize a product, company, service, person or idea).

Instagram Profile RulesTry to stick copywriting basics:

– positive pitch and easy syllable; – specifics; – persuasiveness; – interesting, un-jagged design, catchy heading – relevant humor; – well-defined benefits; – confidence tone; – guarantees; – calls to action; – simplicity presentation.

3. Selling profile header

For you to read, watch, subscribe and trust you, you need also competently fill out the profile header. Signatures are also possible. each post additionally (if you do business, then this should be all contacts). If there is a site, then put it in the header active link.

The user must clearly understand where he got and why he need to stay. It is also mandatory UTP – it should not leave indifferent to anyone!

4. Write not only selling posts!

Dilute the content. It should be customer reviews about the product, show production, office, introduce readers to employees. Create entertaining or informative content.

5. Choose your posting time wisely

We clearly study our statistics and focus on our audience, add hashtags thoughtfully, use the three-wave method (more on my blog Instagram @marinasukhoterina).

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6. Hold promotions for subscribers

For example, offer a product discount for a photo review from Buyer page. Both advertising and the buyer are good.

7. Posts should be regular, but the frequency is yours discretion

For example, teach your subscribers a specific time posting, let it be 1 post per day, or posting on Mon, Wed and Fri

8. Feedback from subscribers is important in the comments.

Always answer and be polite, because the client is always right! Not for business it is also important, if the blogger is silent, then people unsubscribe, because do not feel connected and attachment does not arise and feelings of personal acquaintance.

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