Instagram promotion program on your own: masslaying, official advertising and bloggers


You can do your own Instagram promotion both free and paid (services and programs (bots) for Mass Liking, advertising officially and with bloggers). But the effectiveness of each individual method will depend on Do you use all the methods in a complex, or do just something one thing.

No matter what you promote – business on Instagram or personal account Imagine that your profile is poorly designed – not really it says who you are and what you do, there is no active link to the site, contacts for communication or order. Then the person who came to you in an advertising or mass account, with a high probability not will study all your posts and search for information, but just right away will leave.

When there is a budget for promotion, I want to get faster subscribers, and only then delve into the details, learn how to design profile and structure content. But without all this paid methods will give you maximum not “live” and active subscribers, but a bunch bots (empty and inactive accounts). No use except beautiful numbers, from them will not. So first invest in content and prepare your account to receive traffic, and then connect all other promotion methods. Believe me, you will notice a strong difference in% of signatories.

Promotion on Instagram: program for massfollowing and mass lashing

Massfollowing and masslinking on Instagram are not the most “honest” promotion methods, but they work and give “live” subscribers. Best for beginners, up to 10,000 subscribers.

Massfollowing – you are in automatic mode subscribe to a large number of accounts in the hope that they will come to you and subscribe in response. Then also in automatic mode you are unsubscribing. Have you ever subscribed to beauty salons and sellers of information products? Now they have it turned on massfollowing.

Masslinking is the same as massfollowing, only you do not subscribe, but like in the hope of reciprocity.

Programs (services) for massfolding and mass lashing:

  • InstaPlus (? Article how to use)
  • Zeus? (how to set up massage)

There are much more services and promotion programs on Instagram and new ones appear every day. We recommend that tried it yourself and did not grab the account lockout.

Also in Instagram promotion services there is such a setting as mascoming – you are in automatic mode leave comments. Come up with a general phrase like “Great photo! “and the robot will automatically comment on other people’s photos (those that suitable for targeting settings). Some users even respond to such comments =)). Mascoming is also needed to pay attention to your profile on Instagram.

In general, massfollowing and masslisting are a good way to “show yourself. “But remember – the main thing is that there is something to show. Nobody subscribe in response if you have a gray and boring account.

How to use the programs for massliking and massfollowing on Instagram:

  • filter the database correctly (by geotags, hashtags, competitors and opinion leaders in your area)
  • not violate Instagram limits for subscriptions and unsubscribes (as as a rule, massfollowing programs take this into account)

On average, this way you can get 50-200 new subscribers per day. But we must strive to ensure that they become active – set likes, leave comments and become customers in the future. Therefore, for the hundredth time we repeat – make good content. A Mass Liking and Mass Follow are used to show This content is for those who could potentially enjoy it.

Important! Before yourself use mass-lasing services, be sure to secure your profile. Link it to the phone number and page in Facebook Each service asks for your username and password, so there is risk that your account will be stolen (especially if you use program for promotion, which was accidentally found through a search). A You can restore your Instagram via phone number or Facebook

More details on how to work with massfolding:? Services and Programs for recruiting followers on Instagram: Masslayking and Massfollowing.

Promotion on Instagram: massfollowing and cheating

Promotion on Instagram: cheat

Now you can wind anything you want: subscribers, likes, video views and even comments. Minus obvious wound subscribers are dead load, they will never log into your account and very often these are just bots. But sometimes for promotion For a novice account, it’s useful to create the appearance of an account already popular. Like a cafe where several tables are already occupied. So, it’s good there and you can also go in to sit. And like cheating It will also help to get into the top by Hashtags.

Service for cheating subscribers and likes:

? – free and paid (offers – “live” people),? instruction

More information about the subtleties of wrapping and how to work in services Bosslike and SMMLaba:? Cheat followers and likes on Instagram

Promotion on Instagram: official advertising

Official advertising can be done through your profile on Facebook: There has been no official Instagram ads for a long time was, only cooperation with bloggers directly or through exchanges. Then Facebook bought Instagram and added new features for advertisers. Therefore, for official advertising on Instagram, you you’ll need to link your account to your Facebook account. All the necessary steps to make advertising on Instagram yourself, there is in the instructions. You can also promote any of your Instagram posts. directly from the phone, you only need a bank card and account linking to Facebook.

Official advertising on Instagram has many advantages:

  • this is targeted advertising (in User information is pulled up with their Facebook profiles – age, gender, subscriptions, etc.)
  • start / stop advertising at any time
  • campaign analytics (impressions, clicks, expense funds)
  • testing different targeting options advertising (to understand the effectiveness of a particular picture or advertising text, for example)
  • there is no “human factor” – no need to waste time on negotiations with bloggers, studying their audience, their involvement users (whether they like and comment actively, or solid bots)

You’ll see the cost of advertising when you’re targeting. At In this way you can limit the budget both for the day and for the whole period. Set payment for both clicks and views. Set your cost per click or allow Facebook to determine better price. Respectively, the richer your target audience, the higher the cost of advertising.

Promotion on Instagram: advertising stars and bloggers

Promotion on Instagram: advertising stars and bloggers

You can work with bloggers and stars for money, or you can on barter. Often, barter cooperation is even better – if if a blogger really likes your product / service, he / she will sincerely recommend you, and subscribers feel it. Last thing trust in the recommendations of bloggers falls, especially when he (a) advertises the same as all other opinion leaders or advises you to subscribe to an account that you are not subscribed to.

? Advertising with bloggers Instagram WITHOUT A ROUND

To promote on Instagram, choose a blogger, with whom you “look one way” and who has your the target audience. It will be great if you can collaborate on on an ongoing basis – this increases confidence. If a person recommends something is not once, then probably it is something worthwhile.

Don’t order ads directly from millionaire bloggers, especially if you have very few subscribers in your account (less than 1000, eg). More effective may be advertising in profiles where 5000 – 15000 subscribers. But be sure to see how audience involved – likes and comments, check on cheat in livedune. If not, then subscribers bots.

* In livedune, you can check three accounts for free, plus on paid rates now a 15% discount on the promotional code grammar – write to us if it doesn’t work.

Bloggers are living people and value their reputation. therefore Anyhow, few will advertise. You have to spend time to agree on the price and terms of accommodation, but you can Get a more loyal audience. In the case of the official advertising – targeting, paying – and go. But the audience will be cold.

Where to look for bloggers:

  • ratings
  • recommendations (similar accounts that can be opened by arrow next to the “subscribe” button)
  • exchanges (e.g. labelup)
  • subscriptions of your customers

Star advertising is often not so as effective as bloggers. Because bloggers can understand what their audience is interested in (moms, beauty bloggers, fitness bloggers). And the stars of subscribers, although more, but she mottled. And as a rule, stars ask for more and less money make concessions.


Your main paid promotion tools on Instagram:

  • official advertising (a Facebook profile is required)
  • bloggers, stars and opinion leaders (you can agree as directly or through exchanges)
  • massfollowing and masslinking (special services or Instagram promotion programs)
  • cheating likes and subscribers

Remember that all paid tools are connected after how to learn how to use free ones and scored the first “live” subscribers. To advertise an empty profile is useless, money for wind. Almost the same situation with a malformed profile – the effectiveness of advertising is reduced, and the cost of the subscriber rises. If there is no time to independently draw up and maintain Instagram account – hire a manager, agree on a plan with him actions to prepare a profile for advertising.

Content is the most important thing if you need promotion in Instagram. Programs for massfollowing and massliking are useless, if there is no beautiful, interesting and regular content. Exactly yours posts will force those who have logged into your account to click “Subscribe”. And the advertising and promotion services on Instagram help you bring potential to your account subscribers.

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