Instagram promotion through stories


You still ignore stories, don’t promote Instagram profile using stories? But in vain, in 2017, 20% instagramers generally stopped flipping through their feed and reading posts – only stories are watched! 250 million people daily remove stories, and this is 60% of all Instagram users.

Still decided? Then these tips will help you.

Promote your Instagram profile with stories, and These 5 tips will get you started!

1. Make high-quality and interesting content

With stories, as with regular posts on Instagram and in any other social network, you need to start with quality. All your efforts will be in vain if you invest frank gee nobody interesting. Try not to let your photos and videos go through, shoot high-quality video with interesting stories, make interactive stories, study statistics and know what more your subscribers like everything.

Promoting Instagram with Stories

2. Make users respond to your stories

How? The most obvious thing is to go to your profile and write the answers.

– Announce posts in the story; – sorry to answer questions of your subscribers in the comments below a specific publication or message in response to a story; – ask readers for advice; – organize games and marathons; – recommend other interesting profiles, negotiate a VP (mutual PR) in stories.

Promoting Instagram with Stories

3. Do not forget about geotags and hashtags

Stories like regular posts are visible in hashtags and places, so do not forget to put them. Especially it relevant for geotags in small provincial towns – getting into the top in this case is very easy!

Promoting Instagram with Stories

4. Be a trend

Use in your stories all the elements that are now popular:

– polls (a great opportunity to stir up your viewers); – GIFs (animate photos well, just don’t overdo it!); – stickers (also neat and in place); – text type and beautiful fonts.

Trending stories

5. Recommendations of your profile in other accounts via @

You, as in the posts, can:

– negotiate VP with other bloggers, publics and shops – buy ads of your profile in stories; – set up official targeted advertising in history.

Get started with these 4 tips and see the number of your subscribers will move forward!

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