Instagram reach: what is it and how is it increase


Instagram coverage is what it is

Updated – January 2, 2020

Instagram reach is the number of unique People who viewed your post.

What do unique users mean?

If the user sees the publication several times, then there will be Only 1 impression in coverage is counted.

This is the difference from the views where everything counts Impressions (total views).

How to see coverage and is it possible to increase it?

Let’s get it right.

Instagram reach

To see the coverage you need to make a business account in Instagram (see article).

After that, statistics will appear:

  1. Касаемся своего аккаунта Instagram reach: what is it and how is it increase.
  2. Открываем меню Instagram reach: what is it and how is it increase.
  3. Переходим в статистику Instagram reach: what is it and how is it increase.

How to see Instagram coverageHow to see Instagram coverage

  • In the “Content” tab, you can see the coverage statistics for publications;
  • In the “Actions” tab – coverage of accounts by day of the week;
  • Also under any publication you can see statistics (also as for the stories).

How to increase Instagram reach

Let’s take a look at recommendations to help you reach more. and promote Instagram.

  1. Post at the right time.

To get the most involvement in the publication and increase its coverage – you need to know what time to spread posts.

In the “Statistics” section there is a tab “Audience”, where you can see the days of the week and hours with the maximum activity of your subscribers.

For example, in an account with women’s clothing, maximum activity falls on monday. The best time for posting is from 15.00 to 9 p.m.

And on Friday, peak activity from 13.00 to 18.00. Everyday – individual.

  1. Add hashtags.

Learn to put hashtags on Instagram – it’s not at all difficult, but the effect will be significant.

In the statistics of publication there is a column “Interesting”, where you can see the number of impressions from hashtags.

If the publication is interesting, then it will be in the TOP by hashtags – increased coverage is provided (the same applies to geometries).

  1. Stimulate activity in the comments.

The more comments, the higher the coverage. Why?

It’s simple: the user wrote a comment, post displayed in the news feed of his friends. +1 to reach.

Or else: users see comments, stop at publications to read them, thereby letting the algorithms know Instagram that the publication is interesting and needs to be shown to others to users.

So be sure to publish posts where you can express your point of view. You can even ask some question in the signature to publication.

  1. Post stories.

Try to add stories to Instagram more often. How does it help reach?

Elementary: stories are in great demand – they are watched more often than a news feed. You can add a publication to the story, Thus, users will go to it through history.

Once you reach 10,000 followers, you can attach link to story (you can cheat subscribers on Instagram).

Anyway, history is a great way to express yourself. Your profile will be visited more often, which means increased coverage.

  1. Hold contests.

One of the most effective ways to increase activity subscribers and reach – holding contests (can also be done light time).

Everything is clear here: come up with a competition with an interesting prize, indicate the condition where it is necessary to mark 2-3 of your friends in comments.

Then, after a week, record a video of the competition, where in one of the commentators wins randomly (use random number generator).

So you get new subscribers and increased reach in week of the competition.

  1. Chat with subscribers.

People love live communication, so do not neglect it in Instagram.

You can communicate through short videos or full video content in IGTV.

Live on Instagram is also very popular. Come up with An interesting topic for communication on the profile topic.

  1. Wind up the likes.

There are services with which you can wind up likes in Instagram.

As we know, a large number of likes displays the publication in TOP And this means a guaranteed increase in coverage.

Most bloggers have long been engaged in cheating, so their publications always gain hits.

As for mass lashing: in 2020 it is unsafe, so We do not recommend using it.

Instagram algorithms respond quickly to masslinking and account falls under a shadow ban.

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