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It is impossible to work effectively without analyzing the result. Sometimes just look at the statistics in Instagram to conclude how next Develop a commercial account.

Displayed Parameters

Instagram statistics can show the following:

  • number of subscribers;
  • their likes;
  • views of publications;
  • audience comments;
  • profile reach and views;
  • views of stories.

Based on these data, you can calculate the growth rate of the accounting posts, average number of comments and likes, engagement audience. Comparison of these indicators is useful when ordering a paid advertising with a blogger.

It will also let you know what subscribers like best: videos, photos, live photos or animated stories. Statistics Account instagram will show how subscribers react to the change content. For example, a store selling jewelry may increase the number of views if you publish more than just photos goods, and show clearly how things look on models.

Switch to a business account

Before connecting statistics on Instagram for personal blog or commercial account, you need to change its type to business account. Another way to view statistics in Instagram, alas, is not provided.

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You must bind the page on instagram to your account Facebook If not, you have to register.

After these manipulations, the statistics of Instagram subscribers becomes available in the profile. It’s important to consider what is displayed only information since last transition to business account.

-> Подозрительная попытка входа в Инстаграм, как исправить

To do this, go to your own profile by clicking the icon in the form of a human silhouette. On business accounts to access statistics provides a special button. By clicking it, you can Get general information on the user profile.

User profile on InstagramUser profile on Instagram

You can view the statistics of an individual publication by opening a video or photo and stretching your finger up. Please note that the service counts this information not instantly, but several times in day.

Instagram statistics buttonInstagram statistics button

Statistics are available only in the mobile application. Through web interface this function is not available.

Also, do not forget that statistics on regular publications stored unlimited time, and according to stories – only for two week period.

Display statistics on InstagramDisplay statistics on Instagram

Third Party Services

Many services along with wrapping or in other ways promotions offer such a service as making statistics in Instagram

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It is worth noting that the function is available only for business accounts that have statistics already displayed. Besides Moreover, more information than Instagram itself provides, these services do not display, but usually require full access to user account.

In this case, you should only use the services of services, whose reputation is not in doubt. Account theft – an unpleasant situation, the settlement of which will have to spend time and nerves.

A user who has decided to resort to such a service should not trust reviews on the official website: owners can post any information, including obviously fake. More reliable source – independent otzovik sites where any user can leave a true review without the risk of deleting it administrator.

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