Instagram Stories for a business account


If you still doubt whether your business needs Instagram Stories, then no longer doubt – they are necessary! Is not just increasing coverage, but also increasing loyalty and trust customers.

You do not have to download one at a time, you can add several stories at the same time. Add stickers on top, GIFs if The subject of the account allows. Although even the most serious business in Storys can afford more than regular posts.

Instagram Story Mini Cheat Sheet for Business Accounts

Repost from the tape

You can post your post to the story with one button. Storis is chronological, therefore it is an additional opportunity remind yourself of those who do not see you in the tape.

New Products & Services

You can not just talk about the news, but also ask in advance subscribers vote – like it or not, which option colors / size etc. they want. Ask questions. So you do not need to guess and ask the opinion of friends – you will immediately receive a clear answer, what customers really want.

Customer reviews

Take courses – write down fresh emotional ones right away reviews, take screenshots of reviews received in Direct. Are selling goods – ask to take a photo after receiving Direct promise a discount on future purchases to motivate.

Live photos and videos without processing

In the account itself, it is better to upload beautiful photos, in one style by color. In stories, everything is much simpler. Photos and videos without processing can get you closer to subscribers.


Reality shows are one of the most popular formats in all. Media, Instagram is no exception. But if in the main tape from too unsubscribed posts will go, then in Stories you can post as many how interesting it will be to watch. Can show the whole process the creation of the product, subscribers will see how carefully you relate to product quality. Sell ​​services – show how carefully you get ready for consultations, how to take additional courses, how choose tools for work (for makeup artists, for example). It’s most convenient to add “Personal” to a business account through Instagram Stories.

Kits, Instructions, Lifehacks

Give your subscribers useful content! If you are a photographer – show the right poses for a photo, a cosmetics store can do collections of funds for different skin types, the doctor talk about actual problems (allergies in the spring and colds in the winter).

Announcements of stocks, contests, giveaways in the account

Such posts need maximum coverage. Try posting Giveaway in Storis morning and evening (remove the morning before set the evening). But don’t go too far, don’t be too intrusive.

Shares in Stories

Exclusive discounts, coupons, promotional codes. It motivates Subscribers often check your Storeys and the account itself. And in the stories Also, all messages will go directly to you in Direct.


Storytelling through Instagram History. You can make interactive – add a poll! Let subscribers’ voices determine development events.


If you have enough subscribers in your business account and good with engagement, then try Quests. Come up with a chain of actions and a prize for which you want to get confused. For example, an increased discount, a large set of product probes, access to a paid webinar, etc. But do not overdo it with difficult tasks. The subscriber should be fun and interesting. People also don’t like feel like fools.

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