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Stories feature has been added in one of the major updates. Instagram With it, you can create short notes, disappearing after 24 hours. Reasons why it doesn’t open Instagram story: lack of internet connection, old version of the application, the OS of the mobile device does not match application requirements.

Error solution

If History does not open on Instagram, the user must try out these solutions:

  • update the operating system. Available in mobile settings devices – About phone;
  • restart the application or reinstall it;
  • connect to high speed internet. Speed ​​of the Internet through the PCSpeed ​​of the Internet through the PC

Also, you need to understand that the technical characteristics of the smartphone correspond to: Android OS not lower than 4.4., iOS – 9.0., RAM – more than 2 GB Older mobile devices don’t support many features, therefore, you can use Instagram on a PC.

Method 1: update the operating system

If the smartphone has not been updated for a long time, the user will face a lack of new versions in many applications. Instagram is no exception, so you should:

  1. Go to the settings of the mobile device.
  2. System – About the phone. About Instagram PhoneAbout Instagram Phone
  3. Depending on the version, go to “Update BY”. Software Update for InstagramSoftware Update for Instagram
  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

An automatic reboot will be required, you cannot upgrade turn off the smartphone. Before installing the new version – check the charge level. The procedure can take from a couple of minutes to one hour. Depends on Internet speed and type of connection, used by the user.

The owner may indicate before the download “Clear memory or no. “When choosing save, photos and videos will not cleared. But applications need to be reinstalled.

Method 2: check your internet connection

To upload photos, watch videos, it is recommended only high speed connection. It may be a type of mobile 3G / 4G Internet or Wi-Fi. If stories cannot be viewed and the application is not updated – check the balance on the account. In case of Wi-Fi – go to the speed check website using a laptop or a computer.

The problem may also be in the router, which is not configured for connection of mobile devices. Encryption Type – WPA / WPA2.

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If the phone connects, but Internet access is limited:

    1. Open “Network and Connection” on a smartphone.
    2. Go to settings and editing.
    3. Remove the current option from the list. Connection settings for InstagramConnection settings for Instagram
    4. Enter the data again and connect.

After that, you can try to re-enable the application, View stories and videos. By way of checking network speed perform sites: Ookla, 2ip.

Method 3: update the application

Instagram needs to be updated regularly to function properly. attachment. Made in order to obtain new features, are eliminated previous errors slowing down access to the social network. Available via: Instagram page in the content store or auto update settings. In the second case, the user will get new versions when connected to high speed The internet.

To specify automatic updates in the settings:

  1. Open Play Market or App Store. Updates in Instagram applicationsUpdates in Instagram applications
  2. My apps and games – Update next to Instagram

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If there are no services for updating in the category, then need to uninstall and reinstall. Reason why it doesn’t open Instagram history may be a technical error. If the problem is repeated – contact the service support, specifying phone model and operating system version.

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