Instagram story settings


After you posted a story on Instagram, we can adjust its visibility, delete it, share it in the feed. For enter the view mode of your story.

You can do this from the main page of the application or from the tab your profile. Click on the menu icon (three dots) in the lower right the corner.

Instagram story settings

As you can see, here you can delete your story from Instagram, share it in the publication (send to the feed – your photo or video will be added to your profile as usual). Other than that, you can save a video or photo to the phone’s memory; and make some story adjustments.

Instagram story settings

You can hide your entry from some people, allow leave comments on your story only to those you yourself subscribed or generally ban this opportunity to everyone. Thus no one can answer you at all – people will only View photos or videos. Honestly, such settings reminded me of Periscope.

If you’re looking for how to completely disable the Instagram story feature, I, unfortunately, have to upset you. This cannot be done. IN in any case you have to admire the circles above your ribbon in application, even if you yourself do not shoot and publish stories. Better keep up with everyone, use the new new feature, asking your opus the right settings.

Using the settings, you can easily manage your stories: delete accidentally published, add to the profile is good the resulting ones that you want to keep as a keepsake in your page or phone. And privacy will help cut off spammers and just bad people who can write you nasty things.

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