Instagram Subscription Limits


If you do not want your account to be blocked, you need to clearly know the limitations of the subscription, i.e. how much people can follow on Instagram. there is limits on the total number of people, as well as follow actions and anfollow per hour.

2 main restrictions on following on Instagram

How many people can I follow on Instagram1. C recently on Instagram you can only subscribe to 7,500 people in total. That is the number of your subscriptions, the users you follow cannot exceed this figure. If you meet accounts with a large number “friends”, do not think that you see the so-called elite – just instagramman managed to push “subscribe” even before the introduction prohibition. So insta-developers struggle with all unloved mass follow-up and profile promotion using this method.

2. With the promotion of accounts trying to fight another one in an interesting way: for 1 hour make subscriptions to people and unsubscribes in total – 150 users. So if you just registered, tied your VKontakte to the IG, where you have a bunch of friends, and you see that almost five hundred of them are on Instagram, do not rush subscribe to all at once, otherwise you may be considered for spammer and immediately block your newly created profile.

Adhering to such fairly simple restrictions, you never run into a lock. Although in fact, if you are ordinary a user who does not chase a large number of subscribers, does not wind anything, but simply uses the application in its pleasure, for violation of subscription / unsubscribing limits you are unlikely ever block, so sleep well!

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