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Interesting enough question about the most popular country in Instargam. And as it is not surprising, the most popular enjoys AUSTRALIA! Very beautiful, green and warm country.

Ivot several photos that are published on this official account of this country:

Instagram australia photo Australia Instagram Photos photos from Australia on Instagram

Kangaroo on Instagram

To the Instagram account of the state tourism agency Australia has signed over 1 million people. Australia Photos became the most popular among all the rest of the world for comparisons you can see the page of a travel company from Canada, she has a little more than 131 thousand subscribers, and on the New account Zealand and less than 40 thousand people at all, New York – 16 thousand human.

An account’s popularity is due to several factors. for example, one of them is a team of experts on social and media networks, which is engaged in the filling and promotion of this account. They carefully choose published photos, like the rule is either beautiful landscapes or photographs of local animals.

According to the official representative of the tourism agency Australia, Instagram account helps develop tourism industry in the country, since more than 90% of respondents said that it was photos on Instagram that encouraged them to travel to this country.

Instagram social media network is very popular and fast developing network. The number of active users of which, It’s more than Twitter and has already exceeded 300 million accounts.

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