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In our country, the most popular social network is VK, which in a few years scored a huge number of registrations and millions of loyal users. Recently, everything in Russia foreign IG is gaining great popularity, so many people a reasonable question arises: how to use Instagram via Vkontakte? After all, with the second service the average user is well aware, but with the first – not very. Let’s talk with you in detail on this topic.

Is it possible to register on Instagram through In contact with?

I will say right away: unfortunately, no. Register in a foreign country application using VC is impossible. But register using Facebook is possible (if interested, the link you will find a detailed description). So, to become a user of the new social. network you have to download it to your phone and register on Instagram via email or via Facebook (as we wrote a little higher).

How to use Instagram via Vkontakte from a computer

But you can perform some actions directly from the VK site! For of this you need to install one of the third-party applications (thanks to the developers for making them!).

So, being on the VK site from a computer, go to the section “applications”. Using the search bar, find any third-party VKontakte ig service. For example, just type “Instagram” as shown.

How to use Instagram through Vkontakte

From several suggested options, select the most liked it. They all basically have the same functions, so you can say, you can “poke” in any. we for example, set the second from the list. To do this, enter it (you can read here, by the way, what he can do) and run it.

Instagram through VK on the computer

Agree to access the profile on Instagram. If you not authorized in the browser, you will have to log in (enter login and password).

How to use Instagram on a computer through VK

That’s all, now you can use Instagram via Vkontakte directly on the computer in your browser. Service can show for you all the photos from your ig-tape, your likes and comments, there are the ability to search for people and find photos by hash tags and much more! It all looks something like in the screenshot below.

Instagram via VK on the computer

How to post photos and videos from Instagram to the VK wall

In the Instagram application on the phone there is an opportunity Automatically send publications directly to the contact. For this you need to make some settings, or rather just link the two profile. I already wrote about this somehow and, probably, do not repeat will. Read about it here.

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