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First of all, if the video does not load on Instagram, it’s worth check network connection. Try to open other pages in mobile browser. If they do not open, then there are problems with the network. When solving this problem, it is worth focusing on running background applications. Open Instagram applicationsOpen Instagram applications

Perhaps they steal traffic. You can change the connection point Wi-fi The reason for the broken network connection may lie in banal use of monthly traffic stock on the tariff plan user.

Understand the question of why the video does not load on Instagram in In this case, the Speedtest application will help, which is necessary Download through the content store. Checking the network for InstagramChecking the network for Instagram

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Outdated device software

Also on the mobile device must be installed current software version. You can update the software through the settings for the mobile device. You can “roll back” parameter settings to manufacturer-set by default.

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In some cases, updating the operating version is required. system. Updating Instagram deviceUpdating Instagram device

Unsupported format or heavy video

If the video on Instagram does not load on android, you must make sure the quality of the uploaded video is “pulling” “firmware” smartphone. Maybe it just takes trim the length of the recorded video clip, which will reduce its weight and will allow you to upload to the messenger.

If the video is taken from third-party sources, you should pay attention to its format, since the application does not support all.

Full device cache

In some cases, you should clear the phone’s memory various unnecessary files and applications, freeing necessary a place. You must reinstall the application, having previously uninstalled it through the “program” menu on android by transferring the application icon to the basket icon.

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Clear Instagram CacheClear Instagram Cache

On a mobile device must be installed “antivirus” that protects the smartphone from hacker attacks, which contributes to malware accidentally set by user.

History is not loaded

If Instagram doesn’t load the video into the story, you’ll have to do all the above methods to fix the problem with downloading files.

In the case when it is impossible to achieve with all this result, you need to contact technical support messenger.

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