Instagram video sound does not play


A year ago, a new opportunity appeared on Instagram – adding short videos in your feed, like a photo. Since then users have a lot of questions about this feature. One of them – why the video sound in tape. Fortunately, this problem is very easily solved. It is enough to put the necessary checkmark in the settings. Where exactly, read below.

For owners of mobile devices on Android and iOS actions will be about the same. I give screenshots made on android.

So. Go to your Instagram profile, and from it to options (the button is in the upper right corner). In settings Select “Video.”

The video sound does not play on Instagram

Now check that the slider opposite the Sound option is shifted to the right (i.e. on). You have it most likely in left position, so you have to look at the dumb videos from your friends.

The video sound does not play on Instagram

By the way, pay attention that here you can still do one interesting setting: check the box to video from the tape automatically loaded only if you are connected via Wi-fi. This will significantly save your traffic if you often Use the Internet through mobile networks.

P.S. Read also why you can’t add video. on Instagram. You may find the answers to your questions.

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