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You don’t have to sign up for Instagram to watch. account of the person of interest: in most cases possible View photos on Instagram without registering. This applies to the web version. An application for iOS or Android has certain limitations.

Each user is registered on Instagram under a unique nickname. Knowing him, you can go to the profile or blog of interest person or company and see photos and other content.

To do this, enter the address in the address bar of the browser, where nick is the user’s nickname. For instance, To get to the official Adidas website, you should enter

Adidas Instagram PageAdidas Instagram Page

When you enter the address, the user goes to Page of Nick Crompton’s rep, which has more than 2 million subscribers.

The method works only with accounts that have not restricted access to the content. If the account is closed, you will have to view photos still register and send a request to add to subscribers

A closed account looks like this:

Closed Instagram accountClosed Instagram account

Search for famous personalities

Naturally, most more or less well-known or public personalities, as well as those who only go to fame, have their own Instagram page. You can find them using any search engine – just enter a name (or nickname if the person is better known by him) and add Instagram or Instagram.

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In this case, it is not even necessary to enter the nickname in Latin letters or no errors – a smart search robot will find exactly what you need to the user.

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For example, Instagram of PewDiePie is so easy to find. famous YouTube video blogger. First link in the results extradition leads to the page on Instagram of this person. But on search engines give real name Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg link only to the Wikipedia page.

Search PuDiPai in GoogleSearch PuDiPai in Google

Active Internet users in most cases in information available on social networks usually indicate links to other popular resources where you can find them.

This is true not only for celebrities – a significant part of users are subject to habit. By going to link, you can see published photos, if access to account is not limited.

If the user’s feed contains posts with the Instagram icon, by following the link, you can also see photos and videos, not by registering.

As an example – Facebook page of Daria Rain, a popular video blogger and famous photographer.

Daria Rain on FacebookDaria Rain on Facebook

All that is true of celebrities applies to ordinary users – see photo on the page can be, knowing the nickname or by clicking on the link. But search engines “mere mortals”, alas, do not find.

Detect unauthorized user activity impossible: even using third-party programs, the owner account does not know about the visit.

Using a mobile application

As for the program for tablets and smartphones, then regardless from the platform, the first thing that the user has to do after it installation and launch – log in to the system.

Without this, further use of the application is impossible. By for this reason, the only way to view accounts on Instagram without registration – use the web version.

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Telegram bot features

Another way to view other people’s photos and videos without registration – install the Telegram messenger. But in order to see Storis or download any post – you need to copy the link of the user you are looking for. The functions of bots are mainly directed to anonymous browsing Storys, which is not available in the Instagram.

How to view other people’s publications via Telegram (InstaBot):

  1. Enter the messenger using a PC or smartphone.
  2. Copy the link to the user on Instagram.
  3. Go to the chat search: “InstaBot” – open.
  4. Select: “start” – paste the previously copied link.
  5. The user avatar and menu will appear.

In the drop-down menu you can select: “View Stories”. The bot will send all pictures and videos that were published by the author.

But viewing user content with a private profile does not It will turn out either through a computer or using third-party applications. Instagram blocks any attempts to get into private accounts. On the the page with privacy settings will say: “Profile closed. Subscribe to view publications. ”

In this case, the visitor can create a temporary account record and apply for a subscription. But the owner of another account in the right to reject the application and prohibit adding to friends.

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