Instagram voice messages


Voice messages on Instagram

Updated – January 24, 2020

Instead of plain text, you can send voice Instagram posts.

Especially now they are very popular.

Why waste your time writing text?

Instagram voice messages

  1. Касаемся новостейInstagram voice messages в левом нижнем углу.
  2. Переходим в директ ИнстаграмInstagram voice messages справа сверху.
  3. Выбираем диалог или ищем нового собеседника Instagram voice messages.
  4. Нажимаем и удерживаем микрофонInstagram voice messagesInstagram voice messagesи записываем голосовое сообщение.
  5. Как только отпустите микрофонInstagram voice messagesInstagram voice messages — сообщение отправится собеседнику.

How to send voice on instagramHow to send voice on instagram

  • Смахните влево Instagram voice messages, если нужно отменить запись;
  • Смахните вверх Instagram voice messages, чтобы зафиксировать запись (если она будет длинной).

How to listen to a voice message on Instagram?

КоснитесьInstagram voice messagesдля прослушивания голосового сообщения.

How to delete a voice message on Instagram?

Very simple. Perform a long tap on a voice message (press and hold) and select “Cancel sending messages. ”

How to download a voice message from Instagram?

Unfortunately, saving a voice message will not work with applications, nor from the web version.

How to forward a voice message on Instagram?

At the moment (2020), the application does not have such a function provided for.

Forwarding messages to other users is not possible at all (not what is in VK).

This is inconvenient, but what can I do? And in no case do not download various applications that claim to be able to do this (technically unrealistic).

Voice messages on Instagram are not sent, which do?

To be able to send a voice message – update the application.

Or uninstall and reinstall Instagram.

Why can’t I listen to a voice message?

If the voice message does not play after updating applications, you should immediately contact technical support.

One of the accounts had a similar problem – in the following the update worked.

Video lesson on how to send a voice message to Instagram.

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