InstaKarusel: how to upload several photos and video in one Instagram post?


The new Instagram feature that people have already nicknamed Carousel is now available to almost all users. Her essence is that you can add up to 10 in one of your posts Photo and video. Your subscribers will be able to view them all, scrolling left to right right on the publication. Really looks like a carousel! Previously, a similar function was available only for advertising placement.

How to add multiple photos and videos to one Instagram post

How to send to Instagram up to 10 photos and videos in one post

By adding a publication, as usual, from the gallery of your phone, click on the special carousel icon on the right (several photos in blue). Select the necessary photos and videos.

If you wish, you can apply a general effect to them or edit each picture or video individually. So individually, you can mark users on each photographs, however publication description and geolocation (location) – one for everyone (I think this is understandable, since it’s absolutely logical).

How to upload multiple photos and videos to one Instagram post

Instagram posts that contain up to 10 photos and videos at once, very easy to recognize in the tape. Directly under the post you see the points – their number will correspond to the number materials in the carousel. When you first see a similar publication, the application itself will tell you how to view it.

How to send multiple photos and videos to one Instagram post

Yes, just swipe left, right.

Publishing in your profile and in other people’s profiles several photos and videos are also marked and highlighted from the general mass special icon in the right corner.

Post carousel on Instagram

The ability to add up to 10 materials in one post is useful as to ordinary users, and bloggers, shops.

If you are a regular average user, now you You can not “spam” several similar photos, even in stories, but combine them as if into one video collage.

Expert bloggers can use this video collage more clearly. reveal the contents of your post: show some screenshots, to for example.

Stores and other business accounts can show from different sides your product or service, and again, thereby not spamming several same photos.

The new feature was accepted by users with a bang, obviously better than stories and live broadcasts. But then again, like live broadcasts, it is being introduced gradually. Why worry why i can’t Add several photos to one post on Instagram, not worth it. If You have not updated the application, just wait. During In the coming days, all users will have this opportunity.

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