Instaport: how to download photos from Instagram on a computer?


After the last application update, many users faced with such a problem – the photographs they publish in Instagram, ceased to be stored in the phone gallery, although all settings are correctly executed and even more – never changed. IN in this regard, of course, the demand for all kinds of services has increased on the Internet, which help to download photos from Instagram on a computer.

Once upon a time I wrote about a wonderful site called Instarchive, however now it is closed. And it’s not clear, it will work yet or not. But there is another interesting and convenient service for order to download your photos from Instagram computer or phone. It is called Instaport. how to use it?

Follow this link to the Instaport website. He is English speaking, but you, I’m sure, can easily figure it out.

download photos from Instagram to computer

To get started (this is the first item in the screenshot) you need log in to the site. Click on the “Sign with Instagram” button. If you are already logged in to the browser, you only need to agree that your personal data (nickname, publication) will be used by a third-party resource. If not, you will have to enter a login and Instagram password.

download photos from Instagram to computer

So, the first point is completed, and you should see your left insta-nick and avatar. We pass to the second.

download photos from Instagram to computer

Choose which photos from your Instagram you you want to save: everything, the last few pieces (by default – 10, but can be fixed), only pictures for a certain period time (you need to specify the dates in the correct format. Expanding additional settings (link “Show more options”), you will see additional features: you can choose publications with likes or marked with a specific hashtag. At the moment Beta versions you can try to save and video (the latest check mark). I selected all the photos since I needed all ?

download photos from Instagram to computer

Click on “Start Export” and wait for the archive from your publications will be formed and it can be saved on comp.

Creating an archive with photos from Instagram

The action may take some time. When the archive with photos will be formed, blue colors will turn green.

Downloading the archive with photos from Instagram

Well, as you see, the service asks for a little donation of money to them. for their work. It’s up to you, but you can download your Instagram photos can and for free, for this click on “Download only”.

Look for your publications in the browser downloads folder. Do not forget, that it will be a zip archive.

Archive is downloading

That’s all, you can watch and enjoy!

Archive from Instagram photos

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