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There are hundreds of different support services for Instagram. Between them, fierce competition develops and each trying to put forward more interesting features, different from the rest. Among this set we distinguish precisely Instaport. This the service will help you download images from your Instagram, one or more at once. You can do it in one fell swoop save a series of necessary publications to your PC. instaport service

How to log in to Instaport

  • Go to;
  • Click the orange button on the left “Sign in with Instagram”;
  • Enter the data from your account, after which you will see your avatar and nickname.

There is one caveat. It’s good to know about it if you have several profiles on Instagram and you want to switch to another. Next to nick there is a cross to exit, but when you press the button again authorization, you will automatically log into the same account again. To change it, you have to log out on Stop by there, click on your name and “Logout”.

How to save photos via Instaport

Those who do not understand English may have difficulty. However, this will not happen if you read this small instructions to the end. In addition, there are automatic translators, built-in browsers. They sometimes translate not exactly, but for that to sort out the menus are helpful.

The main page of the site consists of three steps:
  1. Authorization, which we have already figured out.
  2. Setting export options (Choose your export options).
  3. Download photo (Download your photos).
Export setup in instaport

Select the option you want by checking the box next to it, and Provide numbers, dates or a hashtag, if necessary.

  1. All my photos.
  2. The last (…) photos I took (last (…) photos that I posted, indicate quantity).
  3. All I took between (all that I published for a certain period).
  4. Photos from others which I liked Like).
  5. Photos #tagged with (with the specified hashtag, not more than 500 images).
  6. Include videos as well. This function is located under testing.

How to download images from Instagram to a computer

After setting the options, click the “Start Export” button, a little wait – the message “Your export is complete” will appear on the right and buttons. Big green Donate and download – download files and parallel voluntary donation for business development. If you don’t plan this, click Download only (just download) and save the zip archive in which the files are packed.

how to free download photos from instagram

If you want to download certain publications of others users, you can first like them, and then use Instaport.

Actually, this is all that Instaport is capable of and for what. If you want to view your profile on a computer, you can use other services, for example, Iconosquare, where there is not only functions similar to Instagram (except for the possibility publications), but you can also see the statistics of your profile.

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