Instarchive: how to save photos from Instagram on computer?


Attention! The Instarchive service, unfortunately, is not available now, you You can download your photos using another good site – Instaport.

To transfer your photos from Instagram to a computer, There is one simple and convenient service. He is called Instarchive.

Agree, sometimes it is necessary to save pictures from Instagaram is on the computer, because on the phone they are stored in special daddy in the gallery and they can always be quickly viewed. By the way, if this folder is deleted, publications can also be restored, There are several good smartphone apps for this. But about it another time.

So, we will go to the Instarchive website at this link. You will see Welcome and request to log in to your Instagram account. Click “Connect wiht Instagram.”

How to save photos from Instagram to computer

If you are already authorized on Instagram in your browser, then you will not need to enter a login and password from the profile, otherwise you will have to enter. After that, loading of all your photos will begin.

How to save photos from Instagram to computer

After all publications have been downloaded, you can download them. to your computer using the “Download as a zip file” button. If If you are familiar with English, you will understand that download now zip archive with photos, which will be needed in the future unpack.

How to save photos from Instagram to computer

Do not forget to choose the right place to download the file, if in Your browser does not have the appropriate settings. And personally in my Chrome everything is downloaded to the desktop (although this is wrong) automatically.

how to save photos from Instagram to computer

Well, now you just have to wait for the download, unzip archive (as I wrote above) in a separate folder, and it will be possible enjoy your Instagram photos on your computer!

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