Instructions: How to set the most popular Hashtags on Instagram 2020


Hashtags on Instagram is one of the important methods for promotion. If almost no one knows about your account, then the only free way to tell other users about yourself in Instagram is making new posts and putting relevant ones under them. (related to the topic of the post) Hashtags. You can copy The most popular Instagram Hashtags for likes and stupidly put this list under each post. But in 2020, they will not give you “quality” subscribers, only online shopping and promotion consultants. Good (“involved”) subscribers are additional likes for new a photo. So if you are looking for “hashtags in instagram for likes, “better learn how to put the right Hashtags

But if you are too lazy, then add our article to your bookmarks and write the most popular Hashtags on Instagram for likes. Look at the result and return to our article.

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The most popular Hashtags on Instagram 2020

Sometimes, on the contrary, people completely ignore the hashtags in Instagram: There are two reasons:

  • it is “non-sexual” and looks like spam;
  • too lazy to pick the right Hashtags (and the most popular Hashtags in Instagram does not give a result)

But believe me, if you learn how to put Hashtags correctly, you will receive FREE new target subscribers from each fasting. Even for massfollowing (a way to gain live subscribers) you need to be able to choose the right hashtags list.

In this article, we will tell you how to do it, but for dessert in at the very end – three proven schemes for attracting subscribers through Hashtags

what hashtags on instagram

What are hashtags on Instagram?

A hashtag is a word with a # sign that you put in the photo.

How to find you by Hashtags:

  1. Through a basic search for Hashtags on Instagram.
  2. By clicking on the Hashtag under the alien photo.

In the main search, people will enter the simplest words – “flowers”, “manicurem”, “cats”, “swimwear”, etc.

But the polysyllabic hashtags are not typed by hand in search will be – laziness. But if under some interesting photo is “long” Hashtag – that is, the probability that users will go to a common feed of posts with such a Hashtag.

Hence the conclusion – both short (monosyllabic) and long hashtags are needed to set. You’ll get likes and subscriptions from everyone.

High Frequency Hashtags – with more than 100 requests 000

Mid-frequency Hashtags – 100 – 50,000 requests.

Low Frequency Hashtags – up to 50,000 requests.

Where to look for the most popular Hashtags in Instagram:

  • general search Instagram (enter a word and see the number requests)
  • under the photo in the hashtag search top (first 9 photos)
  • in the Hashtag search, pay attention to the line above all the photos – there will be similar popular Hashtags
  • TOP 100 Hashtags in English
  • Hashtagin’s most popular Russian (by topic – for subscribers, likes, girls, men, makeup, clothes, travel etc. )

We do not recommend you blindly copy the list. most popular hashtags:

  1. Such Hashtags “live” in just a couple of seconds (in a common stream you immediately go down) – the competition is too high
  2. Most popular hashtags like follow, beautiful, likes etc. will have nothing to do with your post. therefore the maximum that will turn out is you collect autolikes. Nobody and not will ask what kind of post you have. And for sales you need high involvement – so people come to your account, read posts, subscribed. Take the time to find thematic hashtags and you will feel the difference (as it is written below in the article).

hashtags in Instagram for subscribers

What are the Hashtags on Instagram for?

  1. New followers and likes. Hashtags are the best free a way to recruit new subscribers. Feel free to set Hashtags – lose subscribers, coverage falls.
  2. For bloggers – attracting the attention of brands and large publics (put them with a thematic hashtag and maybe they will post you yourself in the account).
  3. Brand promotion. Come up with your own unique hashtag and always use it to be remembered by subscribers.
  4. Instagram account navigation. To make an account more interesting, create rubrics and mark them accordingly Hashtags. According to them, subscribers interested in this section, can easily see all the posts on this topic.
  5. Track user content. If people bet The hashtag of your brand, then you can find such posts and publish them at home (with permission of the author). It can be reviews or a photo in your institution, for example. So custom content increases the credibility of other Instagram users in you.
  6. Giveaways, marathons, contests, promotions. If you use such promotion methods, Hashtags will help you and your subscribers track the information you need.
  7. Sales through Hashtags. So that subscribers can easily order from you product / service, ask them to put under the appropriate post Hashtag # want to buy brand name + e-mail. If you are just starting out or the assortment is small, then such Hashtags can be tracked by yourself. And also write mail to clients yourself order details. But then you can use the paid service, which does this automatically. And in the future will appear shopping tags.

How to Collect Relevant Hashtags in Istagram

Relevant Hashtags are those that are meaningful to your post. Where to get them?

  1. Basic Hashtag search on Instagram. Do not be lazy and see what other hashtags Instagram itself offers when searching according to your Hashtag (at the top of all photos in the issue).
  2. Geotags. Add the name of your city ​​/ region. For example, # manicurist. hashtags for likes on Instagram
  3. Similar hashtags. In the search for popular hashtags, click on it yourself. Hashtag, next to the “Subscribe” button on the arrow. Will open a list of similar ones, you can scroll through it. The most popular hashtags on Instagram 2020
  4. Sign up for the popular Hashtags. So in your feed will be competitor posts appear.
  5. Hashtags of competitors. See which hashtags your competitors (not any, but those with many likes, for example, from top).

How to put Hashtags on Instagram

  1. Maximum – 30 Hashtags under one post (Rumored to be better in 2020 use 5-10 so as not to fall into the shadow ban).
  2. Change Hashtags under each new post, otherwise, too – shadow ban.
  3. You can use letters (Russian, Latin), numbers, emoji, underscore (_).
  4. Photos in the Hashtag search are sorted by publication time post, not the time when you added the Hashtags. This is especially important if you use high-frequency (popular) Hashtags. If you them they didn’t put it right at the time of publication, then later it’s useless, because that 700-1000 new posts per minute appear on them and your photo already far below in the SERP.
  5. If you have a private profile, then the photos do not participate in the search and Hashtags are not necessary
  6. If you put Hashtags in the comments in someone else’s account – then someone else’s photo does not get into the search for this Hashtag.
  7. Innovation – Hashtags in the comments even under their posts also do not work. You must definitely put Hashtags in the post itself, and not lay out in the first comment.

How not to write Hashtags on Instagram

How not to write Hashtags on Instagram

  1. Do not put hashtags from the blacklist. This list periodically updated, but in general these are tags from the topics: violence, obscenities, insults, fetshaming (insults due to excess weight). Sometimes This list of prohibited hashtags includes the most popular and therefore, spammed tags like “love”.
  2. Do not make photo captions solid Hashtags. It can imagine allow girls in swimsuits, but not business accounts. Explain your photo with text, otherwise the post looks like spam. Even if you photo blogger – you can write where and when the photo was taken.
  3. Do not insert Hashtags in the post text, put them below, under text. Reading a text that has Hashtags is unpleasant.
  4. Do not publish posts without Hashtags at all! Usually pick up Hashtags are a separate job. And do her laziness. But then be ready for the fact that no one will see your post except subscribers and you lose potential customers. Do not get extra likes and new subscribers.
  5. Don’t make hashtags too long – the eye just can’t take such long words – for example, # burning vouchers in Moscow

And now the most interesting and useful: three proven schemes attract subscribers through hashtags.

Working Ways to Attract Subscribers Through Hashtags

Working Ways to Attract Subscribers Through Hashtags

Update 2019.

Previously, you could not be afraid to put 30 Hashtags under each by fasting. In 2020, Instagram can regard this as spam and send it to shadow ban. Therefore, do 5-15 hashtags under one post (reduce the number of Hashtags listed below by 2-3 times).

Want a lot of likes and live subscribers? Do not put hashtags in Instagram is horrible, but use one of three tactics:

  1. TOP 9
  2. Triptych
  3. Content plan

HASHTAGES on Instagram 2020TOP 9

The most obvious of all hashtag promotion methods in Instagram – go to the TOP-9. These are the first photos you see in Hashtag common search feed. Photos below – sorted by time publications, and TOP-9 remain at the top for a long time.

How do photos get into the TOP-9? Posts that are faster get there total gain likes. There is no exact formula, but you can get into the TOP-9 even with a few likes. Provided you fast them scored (i.e. published – and the likes immediately fell).

If you are just starting out, don’t look at Hashtags with more than 50,000 posts. First try to get to the top by low frequency hashtags.

Scheme for entering the TOP-9

  1. We select the most eye-catching photo (to stand out in a common mosaic).
  2. Collect 70 (!) Themed Hashtags for your post (see above “Where to search for popular Hashtags on Instagram” ). See what photos your competitors have for these Hashtags and try to do better (walk at least 5-10 Hashtags).
  3. Sort Hashtags: 30 High Pass, 30 Mid Pass, 10 low-frequency (here may be your unique Hashtags, and Geolocation hashtags (e.g. #Doors of Moscow)
  4. First publish a post with the first 30 Hashtags. Waiting 7-10 minutes.
  5. Delete the first and publish the second 30 Hashtags instead (possible in the comments).
  6. Wait another 10 minutes and delete the second 30 Hashtags, add the last 10 hashtags. These hashtags already remain forever and ever. They are low-frequency, relevant (related to the topic of your post). It does not look like spam and no one thinks about them: “Fu-fu-fu, these Hashtags again!”

What we have at the output:

  • due to high- and mid-frequency (most popular) Hashtags we quickly (!) collected likes
  • then added to the issuance of low-frequency hashtags
  • got into the TOP-9 on low-frequency Hashtags.

Thus, we, the beginner instagrammers, got into the TOP-9 by thematic hashtags. So, they will notice us and gradually will be subscribed. After some time, we have a chance to go to TOP 9 and mid-frequency hashtags. But you need to do regularly posts and gain followers (who will add likes). it not as easy as it seems. This is WORK! If you have a budget – entrust this work to the content manager. If not, then this work you will do it yourself, day after day and month after month. But the result will definitely be, the main thing is to work!

HASHTAGES on Instagram 2020TROIKA

  1. Carefully select 90 key thematic Hashtags (in this collection there will be both the most popular and Themed, and Unique Hashtags).
  2. Prepare three related posts (i.e. if a person came to Hashtag to one of these posts, he would be interested and the other two are nearby)
  3. Spread 90 Hashtags evenly across the three posts (each will be popular, and thematic, and unique)
  4. Post with a delay of 5-15 minutes all three posts.

What we have at the output:

90 thematic hashtags – this is the maximum coverage in your field. Instead of 30 Hashtags, you get simultaneous coverage of 90 Hash tags. Plus, most likely, a person who is interested in one of your posts, and the other two will be interested. So you get the maximum the number of likes on all three posts. And a greater probability of exit in TOP 9.


Schemes are all good, but you still need a long-term plan. Instagram account development.

  1. For maximum coverage you need to select 210 hashtags
  2. Divide these 210 hashtags by 7 (number of days per week)
  3. Get 30 Hashtags per day, divide by 3 posts per day
  4. Total in our content plan 3 posts per day of 10 Hashtags per everyone.

With this content plan, you can reach 210 hashtags in a week. Best mix high-mid and low-frequency in every post.

And finally, there are such popular search queries in Yandex (on the topic of “hashtags”):

  • hashtags on girls instagram
  • top hashtags on instagram
  • hashtags on instagram sea
  • Instagram hashtags fitness
  • Instagram hashtags

In our article, all these Hashtags are not. But you are looking for them to free to spin up on Instagram. And they will not help you. And help – Three ways that we wrote about in this article.

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