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Jared’s life is so diverse that at first it can show madness. Summer is one of the most popular. rock performers, film actor, and also director of music videos. 26 December 1971, this man was born, his mother helped and supported Jared in all his endeavors. He began to work more in very young years, at 12 years old, but at work he didn’t lingered because his family often moved.

In 1992, Jared decided to start an actor’s career and moved to Los Angeles. Starting with the movie Cool and Nuts (1994), he starred in an increasingly interesting movie – “Thin Red line “,” City Legends “, and became a triumph for Summer “Fight club”. The peak of his acting career Summer was the role gay crossdresser in the famous drama “Dallas Buyers Club”, for which he received an Oscar.

Despite more than significant acting success, to the fore Jared puts on his musical career. Group 30 Seconds to Mars, which frontman he is, has released four albums and traveled on tour almost the whole world. Jared not only sings but also writes songs for the group, and also directs video clips. His versatility can argue only with his own charisma and energy.

Jared’s last hobby was a raw food diet, maybe he’s followed the example of Madonna on Instagram which often appear pictures of healthy food.

Jared Leto’s personal life is also turbulent. He had novels with such famous persons as Paris Hilton, Scarlet Johansen, Cameron Diaz, Ashley Olsen – and these are only the ones that became known to the media. Jared Summer Instagram

Jared Leto Instagram Artist

Follow the work of Jared and his many projects? The easiest way is to follow Jared Leto on Instagram. Today at the actor and musician already has about one million eight hundred thousand subscribers. You can find his page at the predictable address @jaredleto.

Photos show Jared in a variety of places and situations. Then he takes a standing ovation at a concert with his brother Shannon – drummer of the group. Then he pretends to be a Jedi, Yoda master at quoting this. Sometimes on Instagram, Jared Leto reminds everyone of the work of Andy Warhol or makes the uninitiated learn the word “mandala”. However, for the most part in the photos – the owner of the page in person, in different settings.

Instagram registration in Russian

New photos of Jared Leto on Instagram pleases subscribers almost daily. Sometimes he publishes several daily frames. The discussion in the comments is very stormy. Often there meet Russian-speaking commentators, who, however, Only compatriots can communicate.

Account: @jaredleto

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