Joint live streams on Instagram


Hurray, now it is possible for residents of Russia to launch live broadcasts Instagram together with someone, that is, do joint broadcasts.

As usual in the stories, start the live broadcast.

Start live on Instagram

Wait for Instagram to invite people to you. Add to your broadcasting is not possible for every person, but only for someone who is already Looks. To do this, click on the icon in the form of two emoticons in the lower right corner.

How to invite a friend on Instagram live

The person must accept your invitation.

Joint live broadcasts on Instagram

After your friend joins, everyone’s screen viewers share in two parts, both speakers will be visible.

Joint live broadcasts on Instagram


– guest subscribers will also receive an invitation to participate in Broadcast – guest cannot use face masks – only ether host; – the invited participant can leave at any time (to do this, click on the cross) or disagree at all come at the very beginning.

Why joint live broadcasts are useful for promotion and management Instagram profile

In addition to entertainment, with their help you can:

– arrange mutual PR; – conduct joint competitions; – summarize the results of joint competitions; – invite competent experts in their broadcasts (also essentially EP); – interview other bloggers.

And much more that your soul desires and comes up with fantasy. Very useful feature!

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