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The real name of singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. As strangely but his career the famous singer began in the background. She had tremendous talent for writing songs. This Stephanie and worked on the famous label Interscope. Then her own performances seemed to her not the main thing in her life.

Lady Gaga Instagram The situation changed when an RnB artist Akon turned his attention to Stephanie and helped her advance. Under the pseudonym that she came up with last producer Rob Fusari for resembling Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga released her first international hits – Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi. Then followed by the super hits of bad Romance and Alejandro.

However, much more discussion is caused by Lady Gaga’s outfits. She can make a costume out of anything, down to raw meat. Style Gagi can use both modern motives and references to retro stage, and ideas about the future. She’s not shy either boldly naked, nor hide behind unthinkable costumes, wigs and the scenery.

Lady Gaga Costumes

Not all of Lady Gaga’s views are equally shared by her fans. She consistently upholds minority rights, upholds the law on self-expression. At the same time, she does not advertises – maybe there is simply nothing shocking?

Lady gaga without makeup

As Stephanie herself admits, she writes songs “for new dresses” – that is, for her the visual image is primary. All the more interesting look at Lady Gaga’s Instagram and touch how she herself sees the world.

Photos of Lady Gaga

If you want to find Lady Gaga’s Instagram, link to it quite obvious – @ladygaga. Singer puts new photos almost every day, collecting thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of likes. Today, almost four half a million people, which is 4 times the number Instagram followers Avril Lavigne.

Lady Gaga guy

Here you can join in the announcements and revelations of the singer. She then appears in her extravagant costumes, she poses decorously with strict Tony Bennett, with whom he prepares a joint jazz the album then appears in new dazzling dresses, stylized under the era of jazz and pop. Recently, Lady Gaga Instagram stands in the same stylized manner: rehearsals of the show program, photo, selection of clothes – everything is conceptual. Although she does not mind and boast of tattoos in tender places: if you need Lady Gaga name, name, support with your escapades.

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