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Until recently, this girl was not known in high circles, but it was worth just her to be seen in a relationship with rapper Guf, as her person attracted the attention of the media. Lera once again showed us that it costs only if it is specifically lit up and you become famous. The love triangle of Aiza Dolmatova, Guf and Lera Kondra entered the tops of online publications covering the world of domestic show business. Before the relationship of the four Dolmatovs had ended, Alex was spotted in the company of an ambitious and seductive Lera. The unfolding drama raised the ratings of all its participants, and Condra, little known before, aroused media interest. Now for life girls are watched by journalists, paparazzi and lovers of “yellow” stories, but this does not bother the girl at all. Lera Kondra Instagram and Twitter left open for public viewing, to personally tell your fans and “simple onlookers” about their weekdays. img_46ffecbc603e672078c923f340a335d5




Gufa definitely draws on girls showy and loving the universal Attention. Like Aiza Dolmatova, Lera Kondra from parties and socialites events does not refuse. The lion’s share of photos on the page Instagram is occupied by just such party pictures surrounded glamorous beauties and beauties. Not without, of course, without “liftolukov”. Lera is a beautiful girl who looks devotes a lot of time, so it would be foolish not to show results constant work on yourself. RIAN_01243914_LR_ru520 By the way, the love of sports Lera instilled dad – famous volleyball player Viktor Kondra, who became in 1980 Olympic champion. Naturally, skip the Sochi Olympics he could not and came to the opening with his daughter. Lera Kondra on Instagram posted some photos from this event and wrote how very proud of his dad and his achievements, by the way on Instagram Yana Rudkovskaya was published a huge number of photos from Sochi Olympics! kondra In addition to the usual pictures, on the page of Lera you can meet a lot of recommendations / advertisements. The girl talks about her new clothes, gifts, favorite stylists and restaurants. Beautiful a way to please subscribers with useful tips and get nice bonuses from advertised companies. Despite often unpleasant user comments that appear Instagram Kondra still does not close. And judging by the number subscribers, – almost 105 thousand people – the girl appeared enough fans to help her defend her honor and dignity, the presence of which are particularly aggressive ill-wishers. Be that as it may, Lera Kondra and Alexey Dolmatov spend a happy time together, as rare people say, but such Cute joint photos.

Account: l_kondra

Occupation: model, singer, actress, TV presenter

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