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Want to get more followers on Instagram? Arrange like time on your page! It will be profitable and to you and your readers, as they can get to know others interesting people.

Rules like time on Instagram and how to spend it

LikeHow to spend it? Very simple! For example, in the next post you announce the start of like time (do not forget indicate the date of completion of such a flash mob), and then set conditions: 10 likes for your publications, subscription for you plus an invitation to your profile 3 friends. The conditions may be different, someone adds 3 more comments and more likes. I.e you decide.

After the end of the like time or even without waiting for it, you upload to your profile photos of participants with links to them accounts with a small description (again, a description of the desire). Can group participants by making collages of photos, then specify in the post will need several nicknames at once.

Why did like time on Instagram become so popular?

Well, sfs are a little tired. Like times not only increase your audience’s engagement through likes and comments, but also bring new subscribers to you. In addition, participants in such flash mobs get free ads on your profile.

As you can see, such a “cooperation” is beneficial to both you and yours. to subscribers. So try to arrange like time on Instagram on to your page, and also feel free to participate in them and yourself!

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