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When you promote on Instagram, there will always be interest the question, what are the limits on subscriptions and unsubscribing so the main tool recruitment of new followers still remains mass follow. I dare you assure that if you just subscribe to new people in hands-on application, you are unlikely to violate these restrictions. Know limits are needed if you use some kind of automated promotion service.

Typically, promotion services recommend that you follow these guidelines: Instagram subscription and unsubscribe limits

Limits for subscribing and unsubscribing on InstagramIf your account over 6 months:

– no more than 1000 subscriptions per day; – no more than 1000 replies to day from non-reciprocal followers; – no more than 700 replies per day from mutual users (those who read you).

However, it must be remembered that you should not unsubscribe and subscription on the same day. Better to subscribe first and the next day, unsubscribe from non-reciprocal (or mutual). It will be both more convenient and more reliable.

In addition, remember also about such limits:

– In Instagram you can’t subscribe in total for more than 7500 people, so you will always need to unsubscribe nonreciprocal followers; – do not need to sign up for more than 150 users per hour, i.e. for about 2 people per a minute.

The age of your page matters

Starting to engage in mass following on Instagram, you should take into account the age of your account, as well as not immediately subscribe, for example, per 1000 people, and increase the number subscriptions gradually. Otherwise, you may lose your profile.

For example, if you have registered a profile for less than 3 months back, the first days should be subscribed only 50 people per day and only after a week begin to increase such daily limit of 50 followers per day. More than 800 people in day recommend not to subscribe.

In any case, if you use an automated service to promote Instagram, be sure to read the help and study daily limits for subscriptions and unsubscribing, which offers stick to your service. As examples above, we cited the limitations that Instaplus suggests.

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