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10,000 followers on Instagram – the dream of every young account. It’s too early to look at a million subscribers, but 10 000 want now. But why do you need these 10,000? For the sake of beautiful numbers or do you want to sell ads in your account? Or maybe you business account and need sales on Instagram?

If you are serious, you need live subscribers, not an army faceless bots – accounts created for automatic subscriptions and likes. Still want bots – cheat and live happily. And for live and active subscribers you need a little “sweat” and use other methods of promotion.

One of the most popular promotion methods for beginners is? Massfollowing and Masslayking. Massfolding – a robot according to your criteria subscribes to other accounts. Masslicking – the robot likes other people’s photos.

All services offering massfolding offer and Mass Liking, and automatic comments under the photo. To be short, we will call these services “Massfolding.” In this article, I I’ll tell you how to use the FunInsta service (here? about the service PAMAGRAM) what settings to make in order to gain live followers on Instagram. You will have three to experiment. free days, and then the cost of the service – from 790r for one month (per account).

Preparing an account for FunInsta

1. Age of the account – from 2 months

All new accounts have much lower daily limits on subscriptions and likes. The older the account, the less likely locks. Wait at least a couple of months, fill in account posts, use free promotion methods.

2. Good content

Good photos, interesting posts. Few will subscribe to the answer to your account, if it is boring or continuous advertising of your goods / services, and instead of a professional photo shoot – self-made photo on the phone.

How to Get Live Followers at FunInsta

At FunInsta you will have 3 free days to test. service.

Prepare in advance:

List of Hashtags for massfollowing:

  • if you have a personal blog, then those Hashtags that you usually put under your posts;
  • if you have a business account, then you need Hashtags that put your potential customers.

List of competitor accounts (just make sure they are without cheating).

1. Register and add an account

On the main page, click the green “Try” button free. “Fill out the registration form.


After registration you will need to add your account Instagram – enter login and password. You can’t do without a password use the service. Be sure to check that you remember the mail, which account is registered on Instagram. Because after adding it to the service (in any, not only FunInsta) Instagram might think that someone else’s got access to the account and “kick” you out of the account on your phone or even reset your password. Everything is easily restored via e-mail, to which account registered (do not forget to check that you remember from this mail password). Unfortunately, all this cannot be avoided if you use any third-party services to work with Instagram.

2. Massfollowing settings


Before starting massfolding, we’ll first deal with the settings (green button “settings”). In the screenshots below – my settings, I believe that they will suit most accounts. Next to each the parameter is a question mark (?) – hover over it and a prompt appears that indicates this option.

Are common

live Instagram followers

Advance rate

At the very beginning, always set a slow speed. At least on the first 3-5 days. And if the account is young (it’s 2-3 months old), then you can hold slow speed and longer. So less risk to get ban from Instagram. Then set the average speed for a few more days, but ultimately high. The older your account, the faster can increase speed.

Photo age

Ordinary people do not update Instagram so often. Therefore not Feel free to set the age of the photo for likes – 1 month.

Skip processed accounts

A useful parameter that you won’t be with a hundred times subscribe to the same ones if they don’t answer you reciprocity.

Night pause

Useful for very young accounts. Everyone else pause at night need not.

Max. subscribers / Max. subscriptions

I often follow accounts in which I don’t more than 500 subscribers and subscriptions (although sometimes it is possible up to 750). If more – then such an account simply will not notice you and the point is massfolding disappears.


live followers on Instagram

Maximum you can subscribe to 7500 accounts, such a limit Instagram.

But 7500 subscriptions – it looks bad. When I see the account more than 1000 subscriptions, then there is no doubt that this is massfollowing. To you couldn’t get it right away, periodically unsubscribe. And it’s best to unsubscribe after 500-800 subscriptions, so you don’t You’ll unsubscribe too quickly, but the number will be at least more or less believable.

Save personal subscriptions

Check the box and FunInsta will not unsubscribe you from those you signed up for yourself, not massfollowing.



To attract even more attention, you can leave comments under other people’s posts.

To delete unnecessary comments – click on the yellow icon baskets. To add your own – click the blue “Add” button. Try to add more different comments, as if leave a lot of identical ones – Instagram will take you for a spammer and can ban.


how to get live followers on Instagram

In this section, it is better not to change anything. Default settings made on Instagram limits.

After you make all the settings, do not forget Click the “Save” button below!

2. Get started

Click “+ New Promo”

live followers on Instagram

Subscribers Tab

Here you enter the name of the competitor’s account. Do not forget check the box “Only active users” (so as not to mass fishing bots). Click “add promo”.

followers on Instagram

Hash Tag Tab

The owner of the photo is the massfollowing of those accounts that posted photos with a specific Hashtag Photo lover – massfollowing those accounts that like the photo with a certain Hashtag

For example, if you have a business account, then you are useless Follow competitors (photo owners) by their hashtags. But here they are active subscribers (who like these photos) – follow necessary.

live followers on Instagram

Target Tab

If you have prepared a list of competitors in advance, then here you are You can upload a file with such a list so as not to create a “New promo “for each of them separately. Very convenient for smsmshchikov.

live followers on Instagram Funinsta

In each created promo you can control what you have to make a robot. Next to “Likes”, “Comments”, “Subscriptions” will be slider. Drag it to “on” – the function is on, “off” – off. For example, I always turn off comments.

live followers on Instagram 2018 Massfolding has begun! Remember that during its operation you cannot manually do anything do with your account, only post new posts and correspond in Yandex.Direct. Reply to comments, delete them, to like – all this is impossible, otherwise there is a risk of getting a ban.

After a while (wait at least 6-12 hours) in their promo you will see Reach and conversion. Reach – how many accounts are you follow / like. Conversion – what percentage responded reciprocity. And this is the most useful information for you! More than conversion, the better this channel (Hashtag or Competitor Account) for massfollowing. Remove inefficient channels, leave those with which is the biggest conversion. To remove or put on pause – click the pause icon or basket in the lower right corner. So you won’t waste massfollowing (on wound accounts or spammed hashtags) and get live followers in Instagram.

service of live subscribers on Instagram

If you have very low conversion for all promos (less 1-2%), then there are 2 options:

  1. You choose the wrong Hashtags and competitors. What to do? Soberly evaluate your account – if you are a photographer and mass follow subscribers of other photographers, then your work should be no worse competitor. To find out if a hashtag suits you, go through him and look at the top, the accounts of those in the top. These people subscribe to your account, will they be interested in you?
  2. You have a boring account. Face it, massfollowing – it is not a magic wand. You can’t just configure it once and subscribers will immediately begin to shower. The account must be beautiful and interesting. Just the fact that you signed up for someone is not make this person sign in response. If you business account, then it should have something interesting and useful for potential customers to let you into their tape.

Direct mailing

direct mailing

Direct mailing is useful primarily for business accounts. You can massively send customers messages about promotions, discounts, contests, etc. Needed for increased engagement. Someone can skip your post in the feed, and the message in Yandex.Direct will see and go to account. You can test the newsletter one day for free.

Scheduled photos


You can postpone posting photos from your computer. Useful if you want to get in the feed to subscribers at a certain time, and there’s no way to publish. For example, download posts on all holidays and go to rest without losing contact with subscribers.

Click “+ New Photo”, then “Select Image from PC” and upload photos from your computer.

Massfollowing: Pros and Cons

Massfollowing is not a guarantee of the flow of live subscribers to Instagram. But you need to try this tool.

The advantages of massfollowing

  • the process is automatic and requires a minimum of effort (unlike other methods of promotion, you do not need to constantly monitor process, just make basic settings and periodically adjust them depending on the results);
  • you can get live subscribers, really interested in your account (not bots, as with wrap);
  • easy to start and pause promotion;
  • Good for bloggers and professional accounts. publishing a lot of useful information.

Cons of massfollowing

  • in large cities, people are already tired of massfollowing and sometimes they don’t even look into the account of those who are on them subscribes (according to Peter and Moscow, the conversion of massfollowing is lower, than in other cities);
  • a lot of competition among photographers, “moms on maternity leave”, “fitonyashok” and marketers (you need to start masfolowing when the account is already filled with interesting posts and stands out among competitors, because most of them already use massfollowing)

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