Live on Instagram: how to do it and how watch


Instagram launched live broadcasts (“live broadcast”) in Storis in Of Russia. How to make and watch live broadcasts? let’s let’s figure out how to turn on the broadcast (go live), watch her, like and write comments. You will also find out why you are not live.

You’ve probably seen stars and bloggers make live streams. through Storys. January 24, 2017 Instagram wrote on his blog, That this feature is available in all countries. Is she in Instagram application for iPhone and Android starting with version 10.0 and above (to see which version you have, go to your smartphone on “instagram app-settings”).

Almost all major bloggers go live, that’s even more brings together subscribers and helps in the promotion of Instagram. Even you have an account for business – the live broadcast will show subscribers that everything is real and you are not a dummy account that will disappear, as soon as he receives the money. The main difference between Live and IGTV is the ability to chat with subscribers and get instant reaction.

Live on Instagram: how to make and how to watch

how to go live on instagram

How to enable (start) live broadcast on Instagram

  1. В ленте проведите пальцем вправо или коснитесьhow to start live broadcast on Instagram(значокcameras) in the upper left corner.
  2. The “Normal” mode will open, scroll and see to the left “Live”.
  3. Press the round button and you go live, a notification about it will appear with your followers on Instagram.

At the top right you will see how many people are looking straight ether. You can write and pin a comment at the top. Down below write it, and then tap and hold. Disable комментарии совсем тоже можно — нажмитеhow to enable live broadcast on Instagram, а потом “выключитьcomments “and confirm. You can also invite a friend to lead broadcast with you.

To end the broadcast, click “Finish” in the upper right corner and confirm.

How to watch live on Instagram

When the word “LIVE” appears in the Storis ribbon under user avatar, it means that he turned on (started) live broadcast. Tap the avatar and you can see her. Depending on the speed of your internet, image may slow down.

How to watch live on Instagram

Below you can write comments and like, the author of the direct ether will see them.

watch live on Instagram Storis

How to watch live on Instagram computer

To watch live on Instagram via computer, you need download the Instagram application and install it (more: Instagram via computer). So far, the application only works on computers with Windows 10.

How to keep live on Instagram

You can save your live broadcast to your phone. To do this, click Finish in the upper right corner; Finish is not immediately click, and first in the same upper right corner “Save”. Done! It will be possible to lay out pieces in your tape or in History. And you can publish the whole live broadcast, it will be available 24 hours.

How to keep live on Instagram

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