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Gradually, developers began to introduce a new interesting feature. our favorite app – live on Instagram. They copied it from Periscope, where such Broadcasts are very popular, because with their help you can show where you are now, talk about how your day has passed, just chat with subscribers or even spend free webinar on Instagram. Well, cool? Agree!

How to start live broadcast on Instagram

Live on Instagram: newGo to history (camera icon in the upper left corner).

Click on “Air,” and then “Start Live.”

By the way, you can tell your subscribers that you started broadcast. Then to everyone you follow and who is now on Instagram, a small tooltip will be shown in top of the app saying you’re in direct broadcast.

In the upper right corner you will see the number of people who take you watching. You will learn about each new arrival.

Comments on your broadcast are displayed below, and you You can write comments yourself, and you can pin any message to be seen by everyone. To do this, click on the comment and while holding fasten at the top of the screen.

Comments can be turned off altogether, then no one can write. And by the way, if you set filters for spam, they are here in stories and broadcasts, act.

You can stop broadcasting yourself on Instagram by clicking on “To complete”. As a story and a post, it will not survive in unlike Periscope will not be stored at all (even 24 hours) – leave right away. So if you want to go live some user, do not be late, there will be no entry!

To watch live on Instagram

Click on the tooltip in the app when someone started broadcasting.

Live on Instagram: tooltip

Or enter the person’s profile and click on his avatar.

Live on Instagram: human avatar

Or from stories straight from the tape.

Live on Instagram Stories

You can write comments (unless, of course, the user disabled) and like it. Remember your coming to the “party” It will be noticeable to everyone – and the rest of the audience, and the speaker himself.

Live on Instagram

In conclusion, I would like to once again draw your attention to the fact that This function is not yet available to everyone, therefore, to questions “why I can’t start live on Instagram, although I can see how other users do it and the like just answer: “Because it is not yet available to you, please wait. “Which profiles get this feature the first, so far unclear, certainly not by the date of creation. Maybe from do they choose their activities or completely by accident? Answer no one knows, so just wait, soon and you will be able to lead your broadcasts.

How do you like the new feature on Instagram? It seems interesting to me. By at least there is a place to be! And certainly many will like it, and many will use it. And you?

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