Lost account on Instagram. What to do?


Lost account on Instagram

Updated – January 6, 2020

Sometimes there may be a serious access problem (missing Instagram account).

Upon entering the application, it says that the password is incorrect, and restoration of access does not help.

If you follow the link instagram.com/*** (where *** is your nickname), then writes “Unfortunately, this page is not available.”

Instagram page unavailableInstagram page unavailable

Why did the account disappear? What to do?

First of all, do not panic. I need to figure out why this is happened.

Lost account on Instagram. What to do?

Reasons why the account disappeared:

  • You have violated the rules of social. Networks
  • Crash in the Instagram system;
  • The account creator is less than 13 years old.
  1. If you recently promoted your account with massfollowing, masslayking, massuling and other prohibited methods, then everything is obvious.

Your account has been suspended for violations of community guidelines. Instagram.

The same goes for other actions that may serve reason for blocking the account (publication of prohibited materials, copyright infringement, etc.).

In some cases, you can get a temporary shadow ban, but in 2020 Instagram began to actively ban accounts without the possibility unlock.

Therefore, it is best to promote Instagram in white ways (see article).

  1. If you have not violated any rules and are sure that your account “white and fluffy”, that is, the probability that the profile is deleted by an error.

In this case, you can and should restore your account.

Very often mistakenly block accounts that are too fast gaining popularity.

For example, the page of a girl who ran out in the Champions League final, blocked due to the fact that more than 2 signed up for it in a day million people.

What to do?

Everything is simple. Follow this link https://help.instagram.com/contact/606967319425038, fill out the form and send it.

The page on Instagram has disappearedThe page on Instagram has disappeared

After 10 days (maybe more) you will receive an answer to the specified email address. If everything is in order, then the account will be restored.

  1. Instagram introduced age restrictions. If the user is less 13 years, then the account is deleted.

To comply with the law on the protection of children, social. network must delete accounts managed by minor children under 13 years old.

When registering an account, the user must enter the correct date birth.

P.S. if the inscription “Sorry, this page is unavailable “when switching to someone else’s account, then most likely the user deleted it permanently or temporarily blocked.

That in the future there were no problems – read the article: what prohibited on Instagram.

Video tutorial on the topic: what to do if an account is lost in Instagram.

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