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Of course, almost everyone on Instagram wants to become popular. We stare at accounts with thousands of subscribers and we dream that we have the same amount, because it’s cool, prestigious, other users immediately respect your profile. But let’s let’s see: many followers are an indicator of popularity or still not?

Of course, if a person is a star, he is famous for television, he is a musician or famous artist, athlete, model, YouTube blogger (the list goes on), then of course, its number subscribers will be impressive.

Profile of Ksenia Borodina on Instagram

But if you come across a profile of an ordinary user, not Ksenia Borodina, and he has several thousand followers?

Firstly, if such an account has followed you, do not rejoice at your uniqueness and do not rush to follow in response. Of course subscribe possible, especially if the page is really interesting. Just in Further, make sure that he himself does not unsubscribe from you. After all this is the most popular method of cheating readers on Instagram (and on Twitter) – when the profile first follows you, waiting for your subscription, and then unsubscribing (and in most cases you don’t notice it).

Secondly, to find out if a person is really popular or No, whether the bots read it, look at the likes. Usually at users somewhere around 5-10% of the likes.

Popular Instagram profile

This means that if 3000 people follow you, then on your photos and videos on Instagram will be approximately 200-300 likes. Maybe more, if you write interestingly, – of this large dad there are 500 of them, but it’s 300 (10%) – average.

Popular Instagram profile

Therefore, when you see an account with several thousand followers, and hearts under his publications less than 100, you can safely to think that he just bought follower bots somewhere for “importance” his page.

Many followers on Instagram – this, of course, is cool, but far not an indicator of popularity. Remember, the main thing in this business quality, not quantity! Chat with your readers, lay out beautiful photos and interesting videos, make competent and unusual signatures to your publications, do not call for negative, and people themselves will reach for you!

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