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Ksenia BahchaHello! My name is Ksyusha Bahcha, and I’m not a coach, not psychologist and not even a popular blogger? But despite this, I I like to organize something interesting!

And soon, under my leadership, one event starts, conditionally called a marathon. This is a marathon for new acquaintances, communication, mutual support. It is called – #my50thanks

? The idea is to find in each for 50 days something good has lived for the day, for which this day, the world or your close ones can say thank you. This practice daily thanks a lot helps in difficult periods or in endless “Groundhog Day”, because looking back at the past day you can see something special, but you can, without waiting for the “mercies of fate”, create small (and big) joys of the most!

In addition, and perhaps this is even more important, the participants of the marathon will be able to find new interesting girlfriends, communicate easily and Get support, which is sometimes so necessary for everyone!

? I know what I’m talking about, because I conducted similar marathons twice already, and their members became my good ones, albeit virtual girlfriends. Reviews about the past marathon can be read here ▶ ▷ ▶ # more50 things_day50. And about the upcoming marathon here ▷ ▶ ▷ #my50thanks_that this

I will be very glad to new members, go to my page ▷ ▶ ▷ @ bahbahcha

Oh yes! Participation is absolutely free and without mandatory subscriptions. to sponsors, at the end of the marathon, participants who have reached the the victorious end will receive memorable gifts.


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