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It’s no secret that mass follow on Instagram no longer gives this. result as before. However, it is still a cheap tool. to advance in the first stages. If you decide to become a blogger and think of gathering an audience on a page using mass follow, I want to give you some tips on setting up a subscription, unsubscribing, like.

Set up source only for accounts

Hashtags, even narrow ones, are almost all cluttered. Geolocation is suitable for a local business, not a blogger. The best effect is achieved. Now subscription is for accounts. Ideally for like and commenting on a competitor, however, many instagram likes wind up, and comments get from the activity chat (and you will subscribe not to those at all). Therefore, it is best to subscribe account followers by filtering them (more on that later). Well, Of course, you need to choose the right source (without wound followers and likes ideally).

Mass Follow Settings for Bloggers

Know exactly who your target audience is, who will be interested read your blog, and then find out from subscribers who can have it to take. Not necessarily it will be a competitor, still follow the competitor’s audience is ugly (but you decide, of course). Can Find a profile with a similar target audience. For example, you write about sports, make training schedules. Your page may be interesting to people who subscribe to PP bloggers (who write about proper nutrition) and PP-public.

You can still follow the list of users (that is, it is already selected people with a large list that you tell me to subscribe to mass follow-up service) formed on a third-party service (e.g. on Findgram).

Subscription required with like

If you just follow people, you may not be to notice. Or do not go to your page. Therefore, you must must subscribe and click on the person. One like is not enough, two – also. Everyone understands now that this is mass follow. And here is the subscription + 4-5 likes already look like the action of a real user.

Work scheme for old profiles (from 6 months)

1 day 200 subscriptions + 1000 likes 2 day 200 subscriptions + 1000 likes 3day 200 subscriptions + 1000 likes 4day 200 subscriptions + 1000 likes 5day

If you are afraid for your profile, you can do 800 likes (4 likes per user) or 150 subscriptions and 750 likes, and between 2 and 3 in the afternoon to take a break in actions for the day. If you only start working with an Instagram promotion service, increase the number of subscriptions and likes gradually and be sure to check out recommendations from the service itself!

The hardest thing is source audience filters

It’s not enough to target, you still need an audience filter out. Feel free to sift out large (and not so) bloggers, that will never subscribe to you in response – the number subscribers to a maximum of 1 thousand. In a good way up to 300 people, however in this case people who fundamentally block mass followers (therefore they have so few subscribers).

Mass Follow Settings for Bloggers

The number of subscriptions from 20 – less is not necessary, there are those who do not subscribe to anyone in principle. Maximum 300 – otherwise they subscribe to everyone in a row, which means that your posts will not be shown in their feeds.

Be sure to use stop words! So you filter out online stores (although maybe some of them subscribe in response to you, I had such cases).

With or without an avatar? They are selected avatar, but it happens that profiles without an avatar are living people, not bots are considered.

Closed follow? I usually filter them out. The probability that they will not be allowed into a closed account is very high.

Use white words carefully. Usually in services is worth a choice: either stop words or white. It’s better use stop words. White is harder. For example, I somehow I had to collect mommies. I used the white word “mom” however, she noticed that the profile began to subscribe mainly to nl-shchikov and other representatives of the network business who indicate in the description that they are moms.

Subscribe to abandoned profiles or not – it happens differently. Maybe a person does not post anything on Instagram and It observes, or maybe doesn’t really enter the application. Therefore, the date of the last publication is better yet set for 3 days.

Audience filters are the most important and complex setting in massfollowing. Try my settings, but be sure to experiment, change them and track the result!

Do not forget to prepare your profile

In the end, I want to remind common truth. Before you start automatically subscribe to people, be sure to prepare your profile. Write at least 9 interesting posts. Think over their visual design. Your profile doesn’t have to be in the same style. It’s much more important that you do not have blurry, grainy, not dark photos.

What service for mass follow on Instagram to use?

My favorite services are Do Insta, Pamagram and InstaPlus (screenshots from there).

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